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Baseball Daily (broken, yes... see below)

Another light news day on the fantasy side, and this seems to be the time of year that trends start to even themselves out (see last night's Cardinals game). So other then noting that Jim Thome has hit homeruns in two consecutive nights after he said he had fixed his swing, the Beach is closed today, due to Red Tide.

UPDATE: Something seems to be broken. Will be fixed later. Sorry for the silly look of it all.

Baseball Daily
  • The Devil Rays announced on Tuesday that Doug Waechter was being moved to the setup role to help the team's fading bullpen. Obviously on the heels of the legendary 11-20 collapse on Tuesday, Piniella noted that this move was more of a compliment to Waechter than it was a demotion:
    "It's not Doug's fault," Piniella said. "Doug has basically done a very representative job. It has nothing to do with Doug. We're trying to shore up where we need it the most."
    This brings me to an interesting point. Since Danys Baez is rumored to be one of the most likely members of this team to be traded before the deadline, some may ask why any other team would want a closer who's blown 6 out of his 17 save chances. Let's take a look.

    The biggest problem Tampa Bay has had this season in trying to win close game has been their middle relief. When Lance Carter was suspended for three games earlier this month, the Rays' were using Trever Miller, Travis Harper, Lee Gardner, and rookie Chad Orvella to set up games. There just is not another reliable arm in the Rays' bullpen besides Baez.

    So how good has Baez been considering that he's been acting as his own setup man for most of the season?

    Baez has converted six out of 10 saves in games he's enterted before the ninth inning. And when you look at the AL leaders in holding inherited runners from scoring, Baez ranks 11th with a 22% (4/18) rate. That doesn't sound too impressive until you see the other names around him on that list: David Riske, Scott Sauerbeck, Cliff Politte, Jesse Crain, Ricardo Rincon, Steve Klein, Mike Stanton... In fact, there are only two other closers in top 20 (minimum .2 IR/Game) and one of them used to be a setup man (Huston Street and Francisco Cordero).

    A particularly good stat to look at when judging closers is First Batter Efficiency. Only four AL pitchers have a lower opposing BA against first batters than Baez: Steve Reed (1/20), Mariano Rivera (2/24), Sauerbeck (2/23), and then Baez (2/22).

    In save opportunities where Baez has come in to start the ninth inning, he's converted five out of six. In that one blown save, on 05.30.05 in Oakland, I remember specifically that Baez was just as much the victim of some poor defense played behind him, as he was at fault for his own pitching.

    Still a blown save is a blown save, and so far I've accounted for all but one of his six. In the other save he blew, Baez came into the eighth inning on 06.04.05 in Seattle, with one out and runners on first and second. Baez walked Bret Boone to load the bases and then struck out Jeremy Reed. With two outs, pinch hitter Dave Hansen singled to center and advanced all the way to third base when Alex Sanchez over ran the ball in the outfield. Baez then got catcher Rene Rivera to stike out swinging to end the ninth.

    As a Rays fan, if Baez is traded, I hope Tampa Bay gets good value for him and I hope he ends up with a good team. This is a closer who's stats this season don't describe how difficult of a job he's had to do for this team.

  • Huston Street threw before batting practice yesterday and he may be available as early as this weekend.

  • J.D. Drew has chondromalacia in his left knee, but as the LA Times points out (link above), "It's a big word for a relatively minor injury."

  • Corey Patterson has realized that he can best serve the Cubs by hitting leadoff for them. Expect a barrage of SBs.

  • Josh Beckett is on track to return June 30th.

  • Now that it looks like Jonny Gomes is finally getting a chance to play everyday, he's worth a pick up in fantasy leagues. Gomes is 11 for 27 (.407) with 3 HR so far in June.

  • Corey Lidle has done a good job at keeping the ball in the park this year at home (just 2 HR in 32.2 innings) but his other splits there have not been good:
    HOME: 3-2, 32.2, 6.06, 1.65, .326
    AWAY: 3-3, 54.2, 2.80, 1.08, .230

  • Glendon Rusch, a Brewer for two seasons, career at Miller Park:
    6-11, 158.0, 5.58, 1.58, .294

  • Ben Sheets at home this season:
    1-2, 19.1, 1.40, 0.88, .134
    But he's given up 4 unearned runs as well.

  • Brandon Webb career at Pac Bell:
    1-1, 21.1, 2.11, 1.27, .200
    His opponent Kirk Reuter is just 1-5 in 8 home starts this year.

  • Dontrelle Willis career at Turner:
    0-1, 10.1, 8.71, 1.94, .356
    Both starts came last season, where Chipper Jones (out till the AS Break) went 5/8 with 5 RBI off Willis.

  • Jorge Sosa seems to enjoy starting for the Braves:
    Cox was more than pleased with what Sosa provided him on short rest. In his two starts, the 28-year-old hurler has completed 9 1/3 innings, issued three walks and allowed three earned runs.
  • Dave Williams this season:
    HOME: 1-3, 26.2, 5.74, 1.65, .321
    AWAY: 4-2, 43.2, 2.47, 1.08, .188
    And career at Busch:
    0-2, 13.0, 3.46, 0.69, .159

  • The Cardinals are now 12-0 in series openers when coming off a loss and they will start 8-0 Matt Morris tonight against the Pirates.

Baseball Daily
  • Jim Thome, on why he thinks he's ready to break out:
    "I don't want to say it, but it was something mechanical," he said. "Some things were out of whack, and it's up to the player to make adjustments. It's going to improve. It's got to improve. I feel disappointed that I'm letting people down and haven't produced."
  • Mark Prior could start for Chicago as early as Sunday.

  • Robert Fick has now played five games as a catcher. He's currently hitting .373 and he's winning games for the Padres.

  • Steve Finley has been bothered by a sore shoulder since the beginning of the season, but he's just begun to talk about it now. Finley missed last night's game but hopes to return Friday. Even if he does return this week or next, it's unlikely he'll be near 100% for a while.

  • Melvin Mora is probably headed to the DL.

  • The Phillies will have Robinson Tejada on the mound tonight in place of Vicente Padilla.

  • John Patterson this season:
    HOME: 3-0, 50.1, 1.97, 1.15, .213
    AWAY: 0-2, 15.0, 6.00, 1.53, .305
    But he may not even start for the Nats tonight. Patterson is bothered by a sore back, and Esteban Loiaza still has a sore neck and back. If Patterson can't go, Sunny Kim will gett the start.

  • Carlos Zambrano career at Miller Park:
    2-3, 34.2, 2.60, 1.15, .220

  • Doug Davis over the last two seasons:
    HOME: 11-6, 155.0, 2.90, 1.21
    AWAY: 9-12, 145.0, 4.59, 1.46

  • Carl Pavano this season:
    HOME: 1-2, 40.1, 6.92, 1.91, .368
    AWAY: 3-3, 47.0, 2.49, 1.13, .260

  • Not only is Mark Buerhle undefeated at home this season (6-0), but he has two complete games in eight starts there and an ERA of 1.97. The White Sox are looking for a home sweep of the Royals this afternoon.

  • Wade Miller continues to his strong run at Fenway, and his struggles on the road:
    HOME: 2-0, 30.2, 3.23, 1.21, .212
    AWAY: 0-2, 14.2, 9.20, 1.77, .333

  • Cliff Lee, in two career starts against Boston:
    1-1, 13.0, 2.77, 1.08, .191

  • Daniel Cabrera career at Skydome:
    0-0, 9.1, 11.57, 2.36, .325

  • Kenny Rogers on the road this season:
    4-1, 48.2, 1.85, 0.95, .205
    Career at Edison Field
    7-8, 134.0, 4.03, 1.40, .267

  • Jarrod Washburn this season:
    HOME: 0-2, 26.0, 6.23, 1.77, .360
    AWAY: 3-1, 61.0, 2.51, 1.39, .273

Baseball Daily
  • It's looking and sounding more and more like Delmon Young will be an everyday major leaguer before B.J. Upton will.

  • Black Betsy has a nice roundup of the White Sox after 68 games, for this year and years past.

  • Armando Benitez is working ahead of schedule. It's not entirely certain when he could return because of his improved progress.

  • Eric Gagne is facing 'his moment of truth' today as he visits with Dr. Frank Jobe to determine if the Dodgers' closer will need surgery.

  • Rich Harden will indeed start for the A's in Seattle tonight.

  • Ryan Drese will make his second start for the Nationals tonight in Pittsburgh. Now's a good time to again refer to Baseball Musings' post on Drese from last week.

  • Oliver Perez has pitched better at home this season:
    HOME: 4-2, 48.2, 4.81, 1.29, .230
    AWAY: 1-3, 23.2, 9.13, 2.28, .340

  • A.J. Burnett career at Turner Field:
    1-5, 38.2, 5.59, 1.66, .298

  • John Smoltz has a 10-4 career record against the Marlins. He also has a 2.63 ERA and 20 saves against Florida. But note that Carlos Delgado is 4 for 8 with 2 HR lifetime against Smoltz.

  • Jerome Williams will make his Cubs' debut tonight in Milwaukee. He may not want to pitch to Carlos Lee. The Brewers' slugger is 4 for 4 with 2 HR off of Williams.

  • Victor Santos this season at home:
    1-1, 29.1, 2.15, 0.95, .202

  • Jamey Wright career at Minute Maid Park:
    0-4, 23.1, 9.26, 1.97, .296

  • Derek Lowe has made one career start at PETCO, on 04.20.05:
    0-0, 8.0, 5H, 1R, 0ER, 4BB, 3K

  • Brett Tomko this season:
    3-2, 36.1, 3.22, 1.16, .244
    2-6, 54.2, 5.43, 1.45, .278

  • Even though tonight's TB/NYY game is a rematch from 04.19.05, I wouldn't expect Hideo Nomo to get the better of Randy Johnson this time. Nomo is coming off is 200th career victory and Johnson has put together two excellent starts in a row.

  • Jon Garland is still undefeated at home this season:
    6-0, 43.2, 3.30, 1.01, .218

  • Jeremy Bonderman career at the Metrodome:
    0-3, 11.2, 11.57, 2.83, .500

  • Bartolo Colon career against Texas:
    13-5, 140.2, 3.52, 1.09, .215

Baseball Daily
  • Baseball Musings is tracking the interleague records this year:
    The American League is dominating interleague play this season. The AL recorded 118 wins so far to just 92 for the National League. The only AL team that has a poor record against the NL is the Devil Rays at 3-12; Tononto, Minnesota and Oakland are just under .500 at 7-8. In the NL, interleague play helped cement the Nationals and Cardinals in first place, each pacing the NL with a 10-5 record.
    There appears to be no other reason behind a team's strong interleague record than the most basic: playing good baseball.

    Last year, the Devil Rays had a MLB best 15-3 record during interleague play- a direct result of them getting hot at the right time (Tampa Bay had an amazing 12 game winning streak over that stretch).

    As noted above, the Rays are dead last in interleague play this season. Cleveland, meanwhile, has won nine in a row and 12 out of their last 13. All but one of those victories have come against the NL. The Indians were 10-8 last year during interleague play.

  • There is speculation in Oakland that Huston Street may be out for a while. The A's closer hurt his left hamstring during a pregame jog on Saturday.

  • Also in the above link is news that Rich Harden could pitch for the A's as early as Tuesday of this week.

  • Travis Hafner hit .360 in July of last year and it looks like he's warming to approach those numbers against this season. Hafner is 9 for his last 26 (.346), with four doubles and two homeruns over that stretch.

  • Chris Reitsma looks to be settled in as Atlanta's closer.

  • Magglio Ordonez could be back with the Tigers before the All-Star break.

  • Mike Sweeney is back in familiar territory, hovering around the DL.

  • Mark Redman at home this season:
    3-2, 49.2, 2.17, 0.93, .207
    The Pirates host Livan Hernandez and the Nats tonight.

  • Chris Carpenter this year:
    HOME: 4-4, 54.0, 4.17, 1.41, .282
    AWAY: 5-0, 42.2, 1.90, 0.96, .203
    The Cards are in Cincinnati tonight.

  • Aaron Harang this year:
    HOME: 2-2, 41.2, 2.16, 0.86, .168
    AWAY: 2-3, 42.1, 5.53, 1.56, .304

  • Tomo Ohka makes his second start of the year for the Brewers tonight. He faces Greg Maddux and the Cubs. Ohka has never pitched in his new home, Miller Park.

  • Jake Peavy in his last three starts:
    0-2, 15.0, 6.60, 1.33
    The Padres host the Dodgers tonight.
    Peavy is 3-1 with a 2.59 ERA in nine career starts against LA.
    At home, lifetime against LA:
    2-0, 34.2, 1.82, 0.95

  • Javier Vazquez on the road this season:
    5-3, 58.0, 3.26, 1.07, .255

  • Noah Lowry at home this season:
    1-4, 50.1, 3.75, 1.21, .230
    The Giants host the DBacks tonight.

  • Brandon McCarthy starts tonight for El Duque as the White Sox host Jose Lima and the Royals. After tonight, McCarthy may be able to stick around permanently with the South Side club.


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