Baseball Daily
  • Mark Prior threw a simulated game on Friday. Things reportedly went well.

  • Scott Rolen is expected to be activated and start for the Cardinals. But Jim Edmonds should still be out.

  • Great post from Baseball Musings about Ryan Drese's move to Washington. Check it out.

  • Dontrelle Willis lost his first game of the season on 05.17.05 against the Dodgers. Prior to that game, I wrote about Willis' history pitching in the state of California:
    One other interesting note about Willis:
    An Oakland native, Dontrelle has made 4 career starts in California:
    @ Qualcomm: 1-0, 5.0, 5H, 3R, 4BB, 7K
    @ Pac Bell: 0-1, 6.0, 11H, 11R, 10ER, 3HR, 7BB, 1K
    @ PETCO: 0-1, 7.0, 9H, 6R, 2HR, 2BB, 5K
    Combined, his numbers in the state of California are:
    1-2, 18.0, 25H, 20R, 19ER, 5HR, 13BB, 13K
    That night, Willis gave up 7 hits, 4 runs (3 earned) in 6 innings as the Marlins lost 5-14.
    So his combined line in California is now:
    1-3, 24.0, 32H, 24R, 22ER, 5HR, 14BB, 19K
    The Marlins are at Edison Field tonight against the Angels.

  • John Lackey career:
    HOME: 20-13, 276.0, 3.55, 1.30, .257
    AWAY: 18-22, 313.2, 5.11, 1.50, .292

  • Chien-Ming Wang this season at Yankee Stadium:
    2-0, 25.1, 3.20, 1.07, .219

  • Corey Lidle this season:
    HOME: 3-2, 32.2, 6.06, 1.65, .326
    AWAY: 3-2, 47.0, 2.87, 1.11, .236

  • Brandon Webb this season:
    HOME: 3-1, 49.0, 2.57, 1.24, .254
    AWAY: 4-1, 40.0, 4.05, 1.48, .288
    Career versus AL:
    3-4, 62.2, 2.15, 1.13
    The DBacks are in Cleveland tonight.

  • Scott Elarton in his last five starts:
    3-0, 30.0, 2.70, 1.17

  • Brian Lawrence career indoors:
    3-8, 67.1, 5.88, 1.54, .316
    The Padres play in Minnesota tonight:

  • Brad Radke this season at home:
    5-2, 48.2, 2.77, 0.92, .228

  • Roy Oswalt this season:
    HOME: 6-1, 51.0, 2.12, 0.92, .201
    AWAY: 1-6, 47.0, 3.64, 1.30, .270

  • D.J. Carrasco in his last four starts:
    2-0, 27.0, 1.00, 0.85

  • Tony Armas over the last two years:
    HOME: 5-1, 68.1, 2.63, 1.32
    AWAY: 0-6, 45.1, 7.74, 1.76
    Even though his home last year was Olympic Stadium, and this year it's RFK, Armas seems to have a problem pitching out of a suitcase.

  • Pedro Martinez career at SAFECO:
    6-0, 47.0, 0.77, 0.77, .125
    On the road this season, Pedro is 4-0 in 5 starts.

Baseball Daily
  • Between all the trade talks for Joe Kennedy, for Sean Casey, for Jay Payton, Barry Zito, and/or Sean Burroughs; and with also the garbage going on in Tampa Bay, there isn't much useful news today. So let's just follow up a couple of stories from yesterday:
    Adam Eaton should be fine.
    Mike Sweeney's injury also is not serious.
    Kevin Millwood went 5 scoreless innings in his return.
    Tim Hudson landed on the DL.
    And four of the six teams completed their home sweep over their interleague opponent.
  • Jason Giambi thinks he's beginning to turn the corner.

  • Randy Johnson rolled last night with his second great start in a row.

  • In Peter Gammons' latest column, he points out that while Danny Haren and Mark Mulder have almost identical numbers, the Cardinals' lefty is 7-4 and Haren is just 4-7.
    Gammons also provides this note about a future South Sider:
    One reason the Cubs haven't gone out and tried to make a major move for a much-needed leadoff hitter is that they think Felix Pie, who who has a .353 OBP, .914 OPS and 32 extra-base hits in 56 games at Double-A, may get his toes in the water in September and possibly be ready to play next year. "He is still a little raw, but he has great athletic talent," says one Cubs official. "The fact that he's played a lot of winter ball has sped up his development."
  • A couple of lefties go tonight in Cleveland. Brad Halsey faces an Indians' team that is hitting .223 against LHP and Cliff Lee is just 1-2 at home this season (6-1 on the road).

  • Ken Rosenthal on Jason Schmidt:
    The scoreboard at SBC Park showed that Giants righthander Jason Schmidt was throwing 93 to 94 mph Saturday night, but a scout who had a radar gun on Schmidt says he was throwing only 90 to 91.

    "He's pitching like a guy that is hurt, though I can't definitively say that," says another scout who was in attendance. "It's one thing to have a velocity drop. But why are your mechanics affected? Why can't you throw strikes? Unless you're afraid. And he doesn't seem like a guy who would be afraid."
  • I've watched Schimdt's last two starts and it looks to me that he struggles in the first inning while he's feeling out what pitches he has working. And once he figures out that he doesn't have his fastball (he hasn't all year), Schmidt goes primarily to offspeed stuff to get to about the fifth or six inning- and that's when the lineup turns over of the third time and he gets shelled. Just speculation, of course.
    The Giants are in Detroit tonight.

  • Nate Robertson at home this season:
    0-1, 29.2, 2.43, 1.45, .261
    The reason he's only 0-1 with an ERA that low is because he's given up 8 unearned runs at Comerica this season.

  • Lefties are hitting .336 off Josh Fogg this season. The Pirates are in Boston tonight.

  • Wade Miller has had a a rocky return to the mound this season, but in four starts at Fenway, he's been stellar:
    2-0, 24.2, 2.55, 1.18, .220

  • Carl Pavano this season:
    HOME: 1-2, 35.0, 6.43, 1.89, .363
    AWAY: 3-3, 47.0, 2.49, 1.13, .260
    And career against Chicago (NL):
    2-4, 37.2, 3.82, 1.43, .269
    The Yankees host Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs tonight.

  • Doug Davis spent half a season in Toronto before he joined the Brewers.
    He's made eight starts at SKydome:
    3-4, 40.2, 6.42, 1.75, .343
    But, obviously, he didn't find success until working with Mike Maddux.
    Career indoors, Davis is:
    11-6, 150.0, 3.60, 1.41, .264
    The weather in Ontario looks clear tonight, so the roof may be open. This is a tough one to call since Davis has cooled off a bit since pitching 20 straight scoreless innings.
    Toronto is batting .254 against LHP this season.

  • Gustavo Chacin career:
    HOME: 2-2, 25.2, 3.86, 1.44, .302
    AWAY: 5-3, 68.1, 2.63, 1.20, .235
    He's had only four starts at home this year, and nine on the road.

  • Mark Mulder career at Tropicana Field:
    3-0, 22.0, 1.64, 0.91, .195
    But the Rays have made an effort to be better against LHP this season. They are currently hitting .277 against lefties.

  • Scott Kazmir has faced the A's twice already this season:
    1-0, 13.0, 1.38, 1.23, .217
    And at home this year, Scott is: 1-2, 36.0, 3.00, 1.39, .261

  • Jarrod Washburn this season:
    HOME: 0-2, 20.0, 7.20, 1.75, .372
    AWAY: 3-1, 61.0, 2.51, 1.39, .273

  • Barry Zito this season:
    HOME: 2-2, 33.2, 3.21, 1.04, .202
    AWAY: 1-5, 53.0, 5.26, 1.51, .256

Baseball Daily
  • Back in April, Mike Sweeney was one of the hottest hitters in baseball. But now, after spraining his left wrist and elbow, the Royals' 1B is scheduled to have an MRI today to see how much damage there is. Sweeney had missed the last week with a strained right oblique, and now this.

  • Rich Harden will make a rehab start tomorrow, and he could be back in the majors by next week.

  • Mike Cameron is the new leadoff hitter for the Mets. Jose Reyes will be moved to the #2 spot once Cameron returns from a right quadricep injury.

  • Adam Eaton injured the middle finger on his pitching hand last night, and he may miss a start or two.

  • Kevin Millwood will make his first start since May 26th tonight against Colorado.

  • Since I've been praising Rickie Weeks lately, it's only fair to point out that he had a pretty tough night on Wednesday.

  • David Dellucci struck out four times on Tuesday, and he got the night off last night.
    Dellucci has a nagging calf problem that's affecting his play, sitting out Wednesday along with the off-day on Thursday can't hurt.

    "He's the type of guy that's not going to say anything," manager Buck Showalter said. "So we're trying to get him ... a couple of days off."
    Dellucci is 9 for 45 in June.

  • More bad news for Tim Hudson:
    Tim Hudson acknowledged he has a strained muscle in his left side and Braves manager Bobby Cox was debating whether to let Hudson pitch Saturday or make him the third starting pitcher on the disabled list, joining Mike Hampton and John Thomson.
  • The Detroit Tigers have scored 8 runs in each of their last two games against the Padres. And they've beaten San Diego's best two starting pitchers, Jake Peavy and Adam Eaton. The acquisition of Placido Polanco seems to have ignited this team:
    Overall, including his waning days with the Phillies, Polanco has a 14-game hitting streak during which his average is .528 (28-for-53).

    "He knows how to play the game, knows how to hit in that second hole," Young said. "I was gone from the Cardinals when he was there, but he gets it going. He's an igniter. The guy can play."
  • It's looking less and less likely that Jeremy Affeldt will return as the Royals' closer in the near future.

  • Of the seven interleague games today, all but one (Twins/Giants) features a team playing for a home sweep.

  • Derek Lowe career at Kaufman Stadium:
    2-0, 22.2, 5.96, 1.41, .253

  • Zach Grienke career at home (Kaufman):
    7-9, 123.1, 3.94, 1.17, .252
    Career against NL teams:
    1-4, 34.1, 7.60, 1.40
    Career at home against NL teams:
    1-3, 24.0, 5.63, 1.17

  • Kris Benson has only made two starts this season on the road- at Florida and at Chicago. He's given up 9 runs in those 12 road innings.

  • Brett Tomko career indoors:
    9-2, 99.2, 4.24, 1.29, .276
    Career at Metrodome:
    2-0, 18.1, 3.44, 1.09, .250

Baseball Daily
  • Eric Gagne's injury came as a surprise to everyone- even Gagne. His velocity was noticeably down a bit, but I think there was an general assumption that it was something that would come around. Perhaps not.

  • Josh Beckett is having blister problems again. He'll probably miss a minimum of two weeks.

  • I mentioned yesterday that I think some Japanese trained pitchers may be more comfortable when pitching in places like Tropicana Field because of the similar dome environment to Japan's parks. Whether that's a correct assumption or not, Tomo Ohka threw a complete game shutout last night against the DRays. Hideo Nomo goes for TB tonight, and this season at home, he's been... well... better than he has been on the road:
    HOME: 2-1, 29.0, 4.03, 1.24, .231
    AWAY: 1-5, 41.0, 8.56, 2.00, .325

  • Rocco Baldelli's return has hit a setback due to season ending elbow surgery.

  • Mark Loretta update:
    On Thursday, infielder Mark Loretta will have a surgical pin removed from the thumb on his non-throwing hand.

    On May 19, Lorretta strained the ligaments in his left thumb. The injury has caused him to miss 24 games and he is expected to return by the All-Star break, team officials said.
  • Jorge Cantu is 29 for 71 (.408) since May 22.

  • Grady Sizemore is officially the Indians' leadoff batter. Sizemore is 40 for 122 (.328) in 28 games hitting in the top spot.

  • There will be plenty of team scouts in Cleveland tonight watching Joe Kenndey pitch against the Indians. He's one of the most eligible pitchers right now. The Indians are hitting just .217 against LHP this season, and they're coming off a big game against lefty Jeff Francis. Kennedy, who pitched for three seasons with Tampa Bay, has made two career starts at Jacobs Field:
    0-0, 11.2, 3.86, 1.89, .375

  • Adam Eaton is 6-0 at home this season, with a 2.35 ERA, but tonight he pitches in Detroit.
    On the road this season, Eaton is:
    3-1, 3.95, 1.39, .274
    Comerica plays a lot like PETCO, however, so Eaton's home numbers are probably more relevant.

  • Interesting matchup in Boston tonight, where Aaron Harang faces Bronson Arroyo.
    Both pitchers have started the year fairly well, but:

    Harang on the road this season:
    AWAY: 2-2, 37.2, 5.02, 1.43, .291
    Arroyo at home this season:
    HOME: 0-1, 29.1, 4.91, 1.60, .295

  • Also, Bronson Arroyo is looking for his first win since coming off a six game suspension:
    In his eight starts before the suspension, Arroyo was 4-0 with a 3.21 ERA. Contrast that with his five starts since the suspension, a span which has seen him go 0-3 with an 8.10 ERA.

    "I don't know, I took eight days off and I haven't won since," said Arroyo. "You take from it what you want. I don't think it has anything to do with it. I just think I'm not making my pitches in big situations. I haven't felt as good physically as I did before that. That's it, man."
  • Jon Garland at home this season:
    5-0, 37.2, 2.39, 0.93, .212

  • Kyle Lohse has recently begun to throw more two-seam fastballs, and less four-seamers, causing his heater to have a little more movement and a little less heat.
    In his last five starts:
    3-2, 32.1, 3.34, 1.42

  • Ryan Drese makes his Nationals' debut tonight against Anaheim. Career at Edison Field:
    2-2, 23.1, 4.63, 1.59, .323

Baseball Daily
  • Once considered a top sleeper for 2005, Jason Lane was dropped from most teams after he went 8 for 68 in April. Lane also lost his regular day job in Houston. But June has brought about change for the Astros' right fielder. He's 12 for 33 this month (.364) with nine of those 12 hits going for extra bases. I noticed Lane was getting more playing time in late May, but he still was struggling at the plate. A slight change in his batting stance is what Lane attributes his recent success to:
    "I've kind of widened out a bit, which controls my weight," he said. "When you do that, you see the ball better. It all comes off of seeing the ball good."
  • Larry Walker is talking like this is his last season.

  • K-Rod has told the Angels that he won't pitch winter ball games in Venezuela any more. Reports came out before the season that Rodriguez had thrown a ton of innings this past winter and many suspected he was due for at least one trip to the DL because of it.

  • Prince Fielder was called up yesterday to play with the Brewers during their trip through the AL. But he'll be sent back down once the Brewers return to playing National League baseball.

  • A lot of team's are trying to get Rockies' LHP Brian Fuentes, but it looks like Colorado will be holding on to him for the near future.

  • Jeff Francis is on the road, pitching in a night game against Cleveland tonight:
    AWAY: 2-4, 57.2, 6.71, 1.79, .316
    NIGHT: 2-5, 47.2, 7.74, 1.80, .314

  • Jake Westbrook is absolutely due for some good luck. He's 2-9 this season, with an ERA right at 5.00, but he hasn't been terrible.
    At home this season, Westbrook has held opponents to a .208 batting average.
    The Indians face the Rockies tonight.

  • Andy Pettitte career at Camden:
    12-2, 90.1, 4.28, 1.58, .300

  • Bruce Chen at home this season:
    3-1, 41.1, 2.83, 1.06, .217

  • Chris Carpenter on the road this season:
    4-0, 33.2, 2.41, 1.16, .240

  • Tomo Ohka makes his debut for the Brewers tonight in Tampa Bay. I think a lot of Japanese pitchers perform better in parks like Tropicana Field because of the similarities they share with the domes in Japan.
    Ohka's career numbers indoors:
    17-12, 291.1, 3.40, 1.27, .276
    At Tropicana Field:
    1-0, 19.2, 1.37, 1.07, .239

  • Johan Santana is 6-0 on the road this season, but just 1-2 at home. The Twins host the Giants tonight.

  • Jon Lieber is clearly having trouble adjusting to pitch in his new home park:
    HOME: 5-2, 43.2, 5.56, 1.47, .303
    AWAY: 3-2, 38.1, 3.52, 1.10, .228
    Lieber has given up a total of 28 earned runs in his last six starts (7.64 ERA)
    Career at SAFECO:
    2-1, 23.0, 3.91, 1.13, .286

Baseball Daily
  • I hadn't seen Rickie Weeks since 2003, so the TiVo was set over the weekend to record this phenom's at bats. Oh, and the Brewers too but I fast forwarded through most of that.

    The first thing I noticed about Weeks when he came up to bat on Saturday against Randy Wolf was the gigantic billy club that he uses for a baseball bat. The handle on this thing is almost as wide as the barrell. Weeks also has one of those Barry Bonds-like plugs on the bottom of his bat that acts like a door stopper for his hands.

    At the plate, the Brewers' second baseman looks a lot like Gary Sheffield because of the way he stands and swings his bat back and forth. But the player Weeks is most like is Alfonso Soriano.

    Both Weeks and Soriano are smaller middle infielders who swing larger than normal bats because they have a unique, natural strength that generates tremendous bat speed. Weeks also runs faster than I thought, and I thought he was pretty fast to begin with. He went hard into second base on Saturday trying to break up a double play and I'm sure if someone asked Jimmy Rollins about it, he'd say that Weeks got on him a lot sooner than he expected.

    Like Soriano, the one thing that's going to hold Weeks back is his defense. Ned Yost is giving him a shot to play at second, with fellow rookie J. J. Hardy at short and Bill Hall at third.

  • Remember when Carlos Silva was supposed to be out for the year after injuring his knee on 04.06.05? Well Silva missed only a couple of starts and he's come back to pitch very well this season. He tweaked that same knee Saturday, but is expected to make his next start. The Twins need him this year.

  • Behind Hee-Seop Choi's big weekend is an increase of confidence, and aggressiveness:
    Choi attributed his power surge to his work with hitting coach Tim Wallach, who encouraged Choi to be more aggressive at the plate. Patience and pitch recognition have always been among Choi's strengths, but the Dodgers want him to swing more, although they couldn't have anticipated Sunday's outburst.

    "Sometimes I think too much, but now I feel more relaxed and focused and I (swung) good this weekend," Choi said. "Sometimes I watch a lot of pitches, but today I was more aggressive.

    "I don't think about the count. I just see the ball and hit it."
    And maybe someone keep reminding him that he was traded for Derrek Lee.

  • Eric Milton used to pitch for the Twins, and in five career starts at Fenway:
    2-3, 29.2, 3.94, 1.25, .254

  • Matt Clement is coming off a rough outing in Busch Stadium.
    So far this year at home, Clement is undefeated:
    3-0, 40.2, 3.10, 1.16, .252
    In those six home starts, however, he's faced the DRays, A's, M's, Braves, and the Orioles twice. He's given up just four earned runs at home against those first four teams, and 10 against the Orioles, so his home numbers are probably a little better than how he's pitched.

  • It looks like Brandon Backe has shed his home/away trends. His last four road starts have all been quality and he's 4-1 in his last five starts anywhere. Tonight he goes in Camden.

  • Jeff Suppan is 4-13 lifetime when pitching indoors. Sometimes the Skydome is considered indoors and sometimes it's not. But I'm pretty sure it's always considered a turf stadium, and Suppan is 3-12 on turf.

  • Roy Halladay has never faced the Cardinals, but he's given up a combined five runs in his last six starts (46.2 innings).

  • Chris Capuano pitches tonight in Tampa Bay. Oddly enough, Capuano has never appeared in a game on turf, even though he's made 11 starts indoors. By the way, his career numbers in controlled environments are pretty good:
    3-6, 73.2, 3.30, 1.18, .225
    The DRays are hitting .272 against LHP this season, but Capuano's ability to hold baserunners should keep in check Tampa Bay's aggressiveness on the bases.

  • Doug Waechter has struggled this season in the Trop:
    1-1, 30.0, 7.20, 1.60, .328
    Waechter has been more aggressive on the mound lately. Tonight is a good test to see if he's progressed.

  • Like Brandon Backe, Chris Young is another pitcher who has leveled out his home/away splits this season. Young had struggled at home over his career, but in his last four starts in Arlington he's:
    2-1, 29.0, 1.55, 0.79

  • Tim Hudson career at Arlington:
    2-3, 40.2, 5.53, 1.65, .275
    He's also struggled on the road this season:
    2-3, 36.2, 3.93, 1.66, .303

  • Shawn Estes has pitched a little better lately, and his road numbers this season are good:
    1-3, 29.2, 3.94, 1.35, .252
    But the WhiteSox are hitting .312 against LHP this season and they're 16-5 in series openers so far.

  • Jose Contreras career at Comisky (as a visitor and home):
    3-2, 77.2, 3.01, 1.18, .213
    Opponents are batting just .202 against Contreras this season.


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