Baseball Daily
  • In writing at length about the Royals' sweep of the Yankees, Buster Olney brings up a solid point about two offseason moves:
    Pavano is not a strikeout pitcher, averaging 5.3 per nine innings. This is his major vulnerability as he pitches in the AL for the first time, as opposed to Boston's Matt Clement, who has always had the ability to get hitters to swing and miss because of his pure stuff, averaging 7.9 strikeouts per nine innings in his career.
  • The Reds think they've found their shortstop of the future in Felipe Lopez:
    In the 30 games since he began playing every day, Lopez has hit for average (.302), he's hit for power (six home runs, 13 doubles) and he's fielded his position almost flawlessly (two errors). Overall, Lopez is hitting .295 with eight home runs, 25 RBI and four stolen bases.
  • Brian Roberts is having an MRI on his right shoulder today.
    "The fact if it doesn't improve I wanted to make sure we weren't missing anything," Orioles trainer Richie Bancells said. "When it was apparent he wasn't playing [Thursday] and, in my mind, the next couple of days, it was the best thing to do."
  • With all the talk that Roger Clemens could be traded to the Yankees if the Yankees had anyone of value to send to the Astros (they don't), now there appears to be a new twist on Clemens' fate:
    In an interview with ESPN last month, Clemens, who refused to commit to playing the entire 2005 season with the Astros, said he would permit a trade only to the Yankees. Since then, however, the Rangers have surged, putting together a nine-game winning streak before losing last night in Detroit. Texas' hot streak apparently has piqued Clemens' interest in the Rangers.
  • The Twins were hit hard by injuries yesterday. Justin Morneau left early to get his left elbow looked at. Nick Punto pulled a hamstring and went on the DL. And Joe Mauer re-aggravated a groin problem that has been bothering him for a while.

  • It's still unclear what the future for Jason Ellison will bring when Marquis Grissom is activated later today. The SF rookie outfielder, who probably wouldn't have gotten a chance to play this much had Bonds not been hurt, has performed extremely well offensively and defensively this season.

  • Mark Loretta is working hard and saying that he'll be back in July.
    "It's a fresh injury, what they call acute, separate from the first one," Loretta said, referring to a ligament injury in the same thumb that cost him more than two months of the 2001 season as a Milwaukee Brewer. "That bodes well for the recovery.

    "The pain was fairly severe the first two or three days after the surgery, but it's coming along now. The way I'm looking at it, it's not a total loss of the season. The first of August would be the [latest date for my return], so I'd still have two months left. There's a lot of baseball left. I'll get back for the push for the playoffs."
    A lot of managers dropped Loretta after he had surgery in May. This is probably a good opportunity to pick him up.

  • Mike MacDougal was named the Royals' closer on Thursday, even though Ambiorix Burgos picked up the save Thursday night.
    He might be in some competition for the role, though, when Affeldt returns to the roster, which should be soon. Affeldt threw a scoreless inning Wednesday night and another Thursday for Triple-A Omaha.

    "His velocity was up last night to probably 94 to 96 [mph]. Today they had a day game and his velocity was a little bit down but he was good again," Bell said.
  • As I wrote yesterday and warned about two weeks ago, Octavio Dotel is electing to have surgery on his elbow. This is an interesting story because Dotel is in the final year of his contract and he has been rumored in numerous trades all season. The A's want him to rest and eventually pitch through his pain, but Dotel isn't too interested in that. I'm sure the A's aren't too thrilled that their 'commodity' is only 'thinking about himself...'

  • The Detroit Tigers are 5-0 in extra inning games this season.

  • Jake Peavy is ill (flu) and there is a small chance that he may miss his next scheduled start.

  • Javier Vazquez hasn't walked a batter since 04.25.05. He's made seven starts since then (46.0 innings).

  • Jeff Francis pitches tonight at home:
    HOME: 5-0, 35.2, 2.78, 1.32, .254
    AWAY: 2-4, 57.2, 6.71, 1.79, .316

    DAY: 6-0, 57.2, 3.12, .147, .283
    NIGHT: 2-4, 35.2, 8.58, 1.82

  • There are few pitchers who give up more fly balls than Eric Milton and tonight he gets to pitch in Coors field.
    Milton has surrendered 20 HR in 60.0 innings this year, which is twice his career average (1.53 per 9).

  • Adam Eaton this season at home:
    4-0, 24.1, 2.96, 1.27, .250

  • For some odd reason, Roy Halladay has struggled to pitch well in Oakland:
    1-2, 20.1, 8.41, 2.16, .356
    Halladay hasn't pitched there since 2003.
    Miguel Tejada is 12/33 1HR against him.
    Jason Giambi is 15/45 3HR against him.
    So perhaps he'll turn it around tonight.

  • Mike Mussina career at the Metrodome:
    10-3, 96.0, 3.09, 1.17, .256

  • Kyle Lohse has pitched well in his last three starts:
    2-1, 20.1, 2.21, 1.18

  • UPDATE: Tonight's Picks: ARZ -105
    COL -135

The Edmonton Oilers and The Lockout


In 1998, when 38 investors formed the Edmonton Investors Group, Ltd. to purchase the Edmonton Oilers from Peter Pocklington, all of their efforts were focused on 2004. And now, at a time when its fans are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Oilers' second Stanley Cup Championship, there is only apprehension about what the fate of the franchise will be.

The story of the Edmonton Oilers is a success story. At least it was. At least it should be.


When Alberta was incorporated as a Province in 1905, it is said that hockey had been played "across the province" over a decade before. Edmonton's great legacy of winning hockey began after WWII with the formations of the Oil Kings the Flyers, and later in the 70s, the WHA Oilers.

When the Oilers joined the NHL in 1979, they were told they had to forfeit their rosters into a league-wide 'dispersal draft.' Knowing this, Pocklington signed Wayne Gretzky to a 'personal-service contract' so that the NHL could not include #99 in their draft.

The team Edmonton put together for that first NHL season ended up making it to the playoffs, and losing in the first round. Despite a regular season record of 28-39-13, Gretzky scored 51 goals and 137 points in 79 games during that 79-80 season. His 51 goals were 17% of the team's total number (301). Four years later, they lifted their first Stanley Cup and began one of the greatest dynasties in all of sports history.

The last Cup Championship for the Oilers was in 89-90, just ten years after their first NHL season. And they won it that year without Gretzky. In the following two seasons (90-91 and 91-92), they reached the Conference Finals and lost. And then in 93-94, after a total of eight Conference Final appearances in 10 years, Edmonton failed to make the playoffs for the first time ever. They went 26-50-8 that year, 25-45-14 the next year, and 17-27-4 during the strike shortened 94-95 season. By the time the 95-96 season had ended, the Oilers had failed to make the playoffs for four straight seasons.


Their decline was as natural as it was inevitable. The day Wayne Gretzky was traded for $15 million United States Dollars is easily pointed to as the beginning of the end. Pocklington was in need of cash, so he sent the game's best ever player in a six player package deal that brought Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, and three first round picks to Edmonton.

During this same period of time, the NHL was busy expanding. It started in 91-92 with the San Jose Sharks and ended in 2000-2001 with the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Over 10 years, the NHL added nine teams (8 of which were U.S. based) to its stable, giving the league a total of 30 franchises. The NHL also sent south the Minnesota North Stars, the Quebec Nordiques, the Winnepeg Jets, and the Hartford Whalers.

How much did this league wide shift change affect the Oilers? The remaining Canadian franchises were not only facing bigger financial markets like Denver and San Jose, but they were also being forced to offer most of their contracts based on U.S. currency.

In the free agent era, teams without an excess amount of spending cash are forced to build through their drafts. And to the Oilers' fault, their history of first round picks from 1993-1997 was not as successful as they needed them to be. And while they have done a good job at picking top line players in the middle rounds (Miro Satan, Tom Poti, Mike Comrie), the time and talent wasted in first round picks Jason Bonsignore, Steve Kelly, Michel Riesen, and Michael Henrich has hurt Edmonton's ability to turn over quality players.

Edmonton has also tried to scout for players they believe to be loyal to their theme of 'Oiler Hockey.' Edmonton's management clearly saw the writing on the wall and they made an effort to recruit and sign players that they felt would be more loyal to the area, so they wouldn't be so quick to leave.


Nonetheless, a grand parade of talent has followed Gretzky out of Edmonton.

When Mark Messier left in 1991, the Oilers got Louie DeBrusk, Bernie Nicholls, and Steven Rice for #11.

In March of 1993, Esa Tikkanen was moved to New York in exchange for Doug Weight. The Oilers got eight good seasons from Weight before they traded him to St. Louis for Marty Reasoner, Jochen Hecht and Jan Horacek.

They also lost Curtis Joseph in the prime of his career through free agency to Toronto.

And just in the last five years, Edmonton has lost or traded Bill Guerin, Todd Marchant, Luke Richardson, Dan McGillis, Boris Mironov, Janne Niinimaa, and Anson Carter for Ales Hemsky, Radek Dvorak, Brad Isbister, Raffi Torres, and Ethan Moreau.

Some of the players in that list that Edmonton has lost were acquired in deals involving other players listed; as in the case of Guerin for Carter. But Carter was moved for Dvorak, and while that doesn't mean that Guerin was traded for Dvorak (since the Oilers got a few years of service from Carter), it still shows the overall watering down of talent that has gone on in Edmonton over the last decade. Every team loses players, and good teams are able to find a way to maximize value. But what has happened to this franchise goes beyond any model of how a business should be forced to operate.


Ever since their first day in the NHL, when Pocklington signed Gretzky to that unusual contract, the Oilers have had to play money games to win hockey games. Fan support for the team is there. Over the last 15 seasons, the Oilers have averaged 15,643 fans per game, and that's including those lean years following the 93-94 lockout. Their home building, Rexall Place currently lists its capacity for hockey at 17,100. Over the last three seasons, Edmonton has averaged 16,977 fans per game. That number is slightly inflated due to the Heritage Classic; an outdoor game played at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium against the Montreal Canadians that drew 57,167 attendees in minus -19 Celsius weather.

But gate receipts weren't enough to keep this team above water. And to their credit, they used a number of innovative ideas to improve their finances. They teamed up with the rivaled Calgary Flames to produce an Alberta-based, scratch-off lottery game and they became the first hockey team to employ a Pay Per View service for televising a few, select games.

Still, drawing a profit is not the Oilers' number one concern. In their 25 year NHL history, Edmonton has won the Stanley Cup five times- a number that is one more than the four different divisions they've played in and one less than total the number of years they have failed to make the playoffs. This is a franchise that, despite its brief history, is steeped in winning.

The Oilers' 2003-04 team salary number was $33,375,00, just $690,379 below the Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning's. There are, in fact, many similarities between those two teams. Despite the 2361.2 miles that separate the two, the Lightning play a fast tempo, attacking style similar to the Oilers. Both teams feature smart, quick forwards and big, puck moving defensemen. Both are in small markets, relative to the NHL, and both use excellent their community relations to drive a loyal fan base.

With all of its history and support from its fans and its community, the NHL cannot leave Edmonton. But if things don't change, it's well known that NHL Hockey won't be able to stay in Edmonton. GM Kevin Lowe has said he'll resign and Chairman Cal Nichols has threatened to suspend or move the franchise if the business isn't changed.

This lockout is about many complex issues. But nothing could be more simpler than this. If the Edmonton Oilers can't get can't their numbers to work out, something is fundamentally wrong. The solution: help the teams that work to help themselves. Edmonton has made every effort to fit in to this new era of NHL Hockey. They don't want anyone's hand outs but they don't want their investments to run to New York or LA every time they turn 30 years old either.

So ff the Lightning can win a Cup under the previous CBA, why can't the Oilers? That would be a better question to ask if we could see what the Lightning would look like three years from now if they had continued to be a part of the old CBA. Where would Vinny Lecavalier and Brad Richards have been in 2007? How would the fans in Tampa Bay react if they saw their team ripped apart for financial reasons? Instead, the real question should be: Why do teams like Tampa Bay or Edmonton have to catch lightning in a bottle in order to win a championship?

UPDATE: Thanks to OffWing for adding this to his Carnival Of The NHL.

Baseball Daily
  • Abbreviated version today... working on something for later.

  • The news doesn't look good for Octavio Dotel.
    Octavio Dotel got a second opinion on his aching elbow on Wednesday and it was about the same thing he'd been told before: The A's closer is going to have to get used to pitching with pain.

  • There were a couple of important, late scratches yesterday. Rafael Furcal and Brian Roberts were both removed from their team's lineup card just before gametime. Roberts has a sore right shoulder but it wasn't immediately clear what caused Furcal to be pulled. Turns out that he is also dealing with a sore shoulder.

  • Jeff Suppan might be the kind of pitcher who can be effective at Coors. He's a veteran who changes speeds well to keep hitters off balance and in one career start at Coors (from last year):
    1-0, 7.2, 3.52, 1.17, .214

  • Chris Young over the last month (six starts):
    3-1, 39.2, 1.59, 1.08, 3.57 K/BB
    Also of note, four of those six starts came at home, a place he's struggled in the past.

  • Young's opponent on Thursday, LHP Nate Robertson has a very good history against Texas:
    2-2, 36.1, 2.72, 1.02, .222
    And at Arlington
    2-0, 15.2, 0.57, 0.77, .167

  • Which Matt Clement will show up to pitch this afternoon against the Orioles? Will it be the pitcher that held Baltimore scoreless for eight innings on 04.21.05? Or will it be the pitcher who gave up 7 earned runs in 4.2 on five days later? Given Clement's recent success and his experience pitching during the day (3.87 ERA), I'd guess that Clement should have a good outing today. The Red Sox face rookie pitcher Hayden Penn.

  • It was about this time last year when Johan Santana began his amazing run for the Cy Young Award. He's been effective lately but still not 2004 dominant. Johan is 5-0 lifetime against the Indians.

  • I don't know if there's something physically wrong with Jon Lieber, but he's really due for a good outing today as the Phillies try to sweep the Giants.
    In Lieber's last four starts, he's gone:
    1-3, 20.1, 8.85, 1.77, 2.66 HR per 9

Baseball Daily
  • Lloyd McClendon on Mike Gonzalez:
    "There will be opportunities this year for him to close games," said McClendon. "Whether that day is July 1st or August 10th, I don't know. A lot of it depends on how Jose is performing and how many days he's pitched in a row. All of those things factor in.

    "You could see Gonzalez out there in the ninth innings against really tough left-handed hitters to start an inning off and hand the ball over to Mesa. That's part of the growing process."
    There it is. Grab Gonzalez and stash him away. I really like this lefty pitches. He has a very similar windup and arm action to Johan Santana. But even though Mesa has blown a couple of saves recently, he's pitched well enough to keep the job. So don't expect Gonzalez to start closing games until Mesa is traded.

  • Baseball Musings has a nice roundup of the month of May.

  • K-Rod should come off the DL before tonight's game. Also in Anaheim's notes, Casey Kotchman played his first game of the season last night as the Angels' DH.

  • Reed Johnson is batting .342/.409/.570 in 79 AB as a leadoff hitter this season. But buyer beware, last season Johnson hit .345 in May but then fell off as the year went along.
    "I noticed at the end of last year he started to wear down," [Manager John] Gibbons said. "The year before that he didn't."
  • Rangers' pitching note::
    This is the deepest into a season that the Rangers have gone without using a sixth starter since 1998, when they reached the playoffs. The relievers have only allowed 25 earned runs in 66 1/3 innings (3.39 ERA) in the last 22 games.
  • Felipe Alou commenting on Tyler Walker:
    "We don't know him yet, and I don't believe he knows himself yet," said the skipper, adding he hasn't lost faith in the 29-year-old right-hander. "We don't have time now to look for a closer.

    "A guy like Tyler needs the experience, regardless of what happens this year -- blown saves, he's going to be a better pitcher. He doesn't have the experience now, but he's going to get it. And he's got the arm to get better."
  • Even with SS Rich Aurilia's return from the DL, Felipe Lopez will remain as the Reds' short stop. Aurilia started at 2B last night.

  • From, mlb.com, Tony Armas is 0-5 with a 7.65 ERA in his last nine road starts.

  • Roy Oswalt career vs CIN:
    13-0, 110.2, 2.52, 1.08, .226
    Again, to highlight, 13-0 against the Reds.

  • Matt Morris career at Coors:
    0-2, 18.0, 7.50, 1.72, .354

  • Doug Davis has pitched 17 straight scoreless innings. He faces the Padres in San Diego tonight.

  • Cory Lidle this season:
    HOME: 2-1, 17.1, 5.19, 1.62, .325
    AWAY: 3-2, 47.0, 2.87, 1.11, .236
    The Phillies host SF tonight.

  • Jose Contreras this season:
    HOME: 1-1, 31.0, 2.61, 1.13, .209
    AWAY: 1-1, 29.0, 4.03, 1.10, .188
    A little of the disparity in the two ERAs is attributed to the two unearned runs he's allowed at home.
    Contreras' adjusted run average at home is 3.19.

  • Sidney Ponson this season:
    HOME: 3-2, 43.0, 3.98, 1.40, .282
    AWAY: 2-1, 19.0, 9.47, 2.05, .341
    The Orioles are in Boston tonight.

  • Ryan Drese since 2004:
    HOME: 13-6, 142.0, 3.30, 1.33
    ROAD: 5-8, 126.1, 6.06, 1.61
    The Rangers are in Detroit tonight.

    Picks tonight:
    HOU -170
    LA -175
    DET -120
    CWS -130
    BOS -145
    ATL -150
    SF +155

Baseball Daily
  • 11 starts into this season, opposing starters pitching against the Astros in games Houston sends Roger Clemens to the mound have the combined line of:
    4-2, 77.0, 57H, 15ER, 14BB, 59K
    1.75, 0.92, 4.21 K/BB

  • Milwaukee's AAA manager Frank Kremblas has made an interesting prediction on Rickie Weeks:
    I'm going to say he's going to be a 40-home-run guy, without a problem. That's what I believe," Kremblas said.
    The entire article is an interesting look at the soon to be Brewers' second baseman..

  • Jose Guillen feels that RFK Stadium is taking away homeruns.
    "In my book, I think I went 4 for 4 today," he said. "I cannot hit any better than the way I hit those two balls."

    Guillen has only one homer at RFK Stadium, the park that has yielded just 24 homers -- fewest in the majors. He said he doesn't believe the distances -- 380 feet to the alleys and 410 to center -- are accurate.

    "To me, it's farther than that," Guillen said. "I know. I've got power."
  • Bobby Crosby made a quiet return to the A's lineup last night. The A's shortstop went 1/5 with a double off of Scott Kazmir.

  • Since being given two weeks off, Oliver Perez has thrown 10.1 innings in two subesquent starts. His ERA in those two games is 3.48, but he's struck out 16, walked 9, and has given up only 5 hits.

  • The Braves/Nats game tonight features a couple of starters who are going straight to the mound off of the disabled list.
    Mike Hampton is pitching for Atlanta. Since 05.18.04, he has gone:
    17-6, 189.2, 2.99, 1.30

    John Patterson, pitching for the Nationals tonight, has been effective at home this season:
    HOME: 2-0, 32.1, 2.23, 1.21, .212
    AWAY: 0-1, 10.0, 5.40, 1.30, .270

  • Brett Tomko has turned into a solid starter for the Giants. Since joining SF before the 2004 season, Tomko is:
    15-13, 260.2, 4.04, 1.32

  • Kris Benson has won three starts in a row. His combined line over those three games:
    3-0, 19.2, 2.29, 0.96

  • Brandon Backe has made four straight quality starts. At home, pitching for the Astros, Backe is:
    7-1, 66.0, 2.73, 1.12

  • Mark Mulder in one career start at Coors:
    0-1. 4.0, 9H, 10R, 9ER, 0BB, 3K, 2HR

  • Kenny Rogers AWAY this season:
    2-1, 29.0, 0.93, 1.00, .216

Baseball Daily
  • I wrote about the Brewers' pitching last week and noted the rise of the starting staff to MLB's upper class. In Peter Gammons' most recent article, he also writes about thre Brewers' pitching, specifically the bullpen.
    Melvin does credit Ned Yost's handling of the bullpen as well as the work of pitching coach Mike Maddux and bullpen coach William Castro for nurturing the bullpen. "We always seem to get good results out of our relievers," says Melvin, "which says a lot for the way Castro does his job."
    Gammons also notes that 2B Rickie Weeks is very close to getting his shot at the big leagues.

  • Buy Low Player of the Day: Jeremy Reed raised his batting average from .236 to .270 last week after going 11 for 23 over seven games. Reed's power stroke finally arrived, as he hit 3 doubles and two homeruns during that week. After watching a few of his at bats during the Mariners' most recent trip to Tampa, even Reed's foul balls are more impressive than they were at the beginning of the season.
    "Jeremy, probably a week ago, started swinging the bat better and has slowly but surely started to come on," Seattle manager Mike Hargrove said.
  • Frank Thomas should be back with the White Sox :
    "I'm not promising Frank that he'll be playing every day," Guillen said. "We need the people here to play also. I'm going to make the best lineup I can to win the game."
  • So maybe Mark Sweeney won't be traded after all.
    "I've talked to ownership," general manager Allard Baird said Sunday. "We're not looking to trade Mike Sweeney. We're looking to add a bat to add to Mike."
  • It doesn't look like LaTroy Hawkins was brought to San Francisco to close games for the Giants, but it's obviously a situation to keep an eye on.

  • I can't find a permanent link for this quote, so I'll just have to use this one, even though it'll be gone by Monday night. But this is what I want to share:
    RHP Jose Lima is hoping to pitch against the Los Angeles Dodgers when the teams meet June 14-16 in Kansas City. He remains disappointed the Dodgers didn't contact him following last season -- his only year with them. ``I don't wish them bad luck, but if I'm facing them, I want to stick it to them big-time, and dance on the mound, too,'' he said. Lima was 13-5 with a 4.07 ERA and pitched a five-hitter in a 4-0 victory over St. Louis in the NL divisional series -- the Dodgers' only postseason win since 1988. He has had a difficult time with the Royals, going 0-4 with an 8.13 ERA.
  • Jarrod Washburn career:
    HOME: 26-29, 4.81, 1.40, .280
    AWAY: 44-23, 3.37, 1.17, .231

    DAY: 18-14, 4.32, .125, .259
    NIGHT: 52-38, 3.94, 1.29, .253

    And this year:
    HOME: 0-2, 20.0, 7.20, 1.75, .372
    AWAY: 3-1, 42.2, 2.11, 1.34, .267

    DAY; 0-2, 22.2, 6.35, 1.81, .340
    NIGHT: 3-1, 40.0, 2.25, 1.27, .280

    Washburn pitches this afternoon in Chicago.
    Career at Comiskey:
    3-3, 42.0, 2.79, 0.88, .180
    Career against CWS:
    4-5, 70.0, 3.86, 1.16, .228

    Andlast year Washburn pitched a 4 hit complete game shutout in Comiskey.

  • Mark Buerhle this year:
    HOME: 5-0, 40.1, 1.79, 0.74, .190
    DAY: 5-0, 38.2, 2.74, 0.91, .213

    Career vs ANA:
    1-2, 52.0, 3.46, 1.23, .262


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