Baseball Daily
  • Javier Vazquez since 04.15.05:
    5-1, 54.0, 1.50, 0.88, 7.7 K per 9, 0.7 BB per 9, 11.50 K/BB

  • Arizona's opponent tonight, recently called up Dodger lefty Derek Thompson:
    Thompson gets the call because he is a lefty and the Snakes have a lefty-dominant lineup. He is currently on the disabled list for Double-A Jacksonville with a calf injury. Thompson is 0-2 with a 3.89 ERA, 43 strikeouts and 19 walks in 41 2/3 innings for Jacksonville this year. In 2004 he went 5-7 with a 3.72 ERA at Double-A. Thompson, hampered by knee injuries since high school, had surgery in 2001 where doctors transplanted cadaver cartilage to his knee to provide a cushion between the tibia and femur where they meet at the knee. Thompson says it'll never be 100% and that it bothers him at times, but he has been effective enough to get the call up to the bigs.
  • I don't think it's much of a coincidence that the Cubs broke out for four runs the half inning following Mark Prior's injury. I'd expect their bats to wake up over the next few days.

  • Troy Percival thinks he could be back as early as the end of next weekend.

  • What happened to D'Angelo Jimenez? I guess Ryan Freel isn't afraid to say:
    "I don't have anything good to say about the guy, to be personally honest with you," Freel said. "He is a cancer in every single clubhouse that he goes to."
  • Keep an eye on Bob Wickman. The Indians' closer left yesterday's game with a bad back. They say it's nothing, but that's what they usually say.

  • Jeff Suppan since joining the Cardinals:
    HOME: 8-10, 124.2, 4.76, 1.58
    AWAY: 11-4, 114.2, 3.61, 1.23

  • Carl Pavano so far this season, with the Yankess:
    HOME: 1-1, 31.1, 5.74, 1.72, .336
    AWAY: 3-1, 1.52, 1.01, .237
    New York hosts the Red Sox today on FOX.
    Pavano career:
    DAY: 18-19, 273.2, 4.77, 1.45, .285
    NIGHT: 43-41, 725.0, 3.96, 1.30, .268

  • Jon Garland, who has a road ERA of 3.28 this year, career at Arlington:
    1-1, 22.2, 6.75, 1.90, .333
    Barajas- 2/3
    Blalock- 5/11 HR
    Dellucci- 1/5
    Hidalgo- 1/3
    Soriano- 2/13
    Teixeira- 4/10
    Young- 3/11

  • Chan Ho Park this season:
    HOME; 3-1, 30.2, 3.82, 1.30, .254
    AWAY: 1-0, 22.0, 5.73, 1.64, .250

Baseball Daily
  • Baseball Musings goes into detail about this Dallas Morning News story applauding the Rangers' defense this season. David Pinto, from BM, writes:
    With all this praise for the Texas Rangers defense, their ability to turn a batted ball into an out must be called into question. The Hardball Times graphs fielding independent pitching vs. defensive efficiency, and according to that, Texas' defensive strength is the staff, not the fielders.

    There is, however, one thing that leads me to believe that the chart may not be accurate. If you scroll down to the pitching table, you'll see that the Rangers pitcher's have allowed a high percentage of line drives. Since line drives often turn into hits, the defense may be better than the DER is telling us. When I get the data for the Probabilistic Model of Range, the Rangers will be the first team examined.
  • News is light today, so I'll link another piece from Baseball Musings.
    A lot of people are headlining Jake Peavy today, after he threw a 2 hit shutout last night. Most of the stories lead on how Peavy threw his first MLB complete game, but Pinto cuts to the real story:
    I just can't say enough about the game Jake Peavy pitched last night. I've been keeping my eye on his since he returned from the DL last July and started charging toward the ERA title. Pitchers who win an ERA title by just qualifying are a little suspect in my mind; after all, it's still a small sample. But Jake has continued to baffle batters this season, and last night changed the way he pitches to save his team's bullpen.
    "It's very satisfying," said Peavy, a power pitcher who acknowledged ignoring strikeouts to concentrate on finishing. "I'm just glad we could rest that bullpen. We're going to need those boys the next couple of days."
    This reminds me of a game I saw at Fenway in 1988. Roger Clemens had been struggling with an injury, but on that day he didn't try to strike batters out and pitched a masterful 1-hitter. These two games make me wonder if power pitchers should drop the power every once in a while and pitch to contact. It's a change that may catch their opponents off guard.
    Pinto brings up a good point with this last thought. Most good pitchers, young and old, try to strike out too many batters instead of just learning how to get them to pop up to first or third base. But if Peavy has turned that corner, he could end up having a season equal to what Johan Santana had last year when he figured out there was more to pitching than just strikeouts.

    I caught most of the game last night and at first it was hard for me to notice how nasty Peavy's fastball and slider were. But then I stopped watching him, and I stopped trying to watch his pitches move as they reached the plate. Instead, I started watching the batters reaction. I watched their butts bail out, I watched their legs wobble, and I watched them shake their heads as pitch after pitch danced around their bats. I still think Peavy is due for arm troubles because of the slingshot action he puts on his shoulder and elbow, but until that dark day comes, enjoy it Padres fans.

  • Roy Halladay has been cleared to pitch on Sunday against the Twins.

  • As I suggested yesterday, Oliver Perez looked good in his start last week and he was even more effective last night. Perez still has a long way to go, but it looks like that period of rest the Pirates gave him has worked out so far.

  • On 05.16.05 Richard Hidalgo was featured as the buy low player of the day. Since that day, he's gone 9/26 (.346) with 5HR and 9RBI.

  • Today's Buy Low Player of the Day: Jason Kendall. Kendall is a career .304 hitter who's only at .242 right now for the year. He's had at least one hit in four straight games and there's even a possibility that the A's will start stealing a couple of extra bases this year- since everyone knows they can't hit. If Kendall ends up finishing the year with a .290 average, he'll hit .310 the rest of the way to get there (based on 575 projected AB).

  • Joe Kennedy's splits since joining the Rockies:
    HOME: 8-1, 99.1, 4.08, 1.55
    ROAD:4-10, 109.2, 4.51, 1.40

  • Mark Prior career vs COL:
    4-0, 28.0, 1.29, 0.93, .206
    And career:
    DAY: 19-9, 302.0, 2.95, 1.14, .225
    NIGHT: 15-8, 199.2, 3.25, 1.20, .238
    The Cubs can't rely on Prior to throw 126 pitches every time they need to stop a losing streak. But they probably will today.

  • Josh Fogg career vs CIN:
    6-1, 52.1, 3.61, 1.17, .241
    Career at Great American:
    4-1, 32.2, 3.31, 1.01, .225

  • A partial reason that John Smoltz is only 3-3 through ten starts this year may be because 7 of those 10 have come on the road.
    HOME: 2-1, 19.0, 1.89, 1.21, .257
    AWAY: 1-2, 43.0, 2.93, 1.37, .265
    The Braves face Philadelphia on Friday night.
    He'll need to pitch carefully to Bob Abreu.
    BvsP of note:
    Abreu- 12/33
    Burrell- 1/16
    Rollins- 5/17, HR
    Thome- 1/8
    Utley- 3/7, HR Polanco- 4/10

  • Roy Oswalt career vs MIL:
    9-4, 92.2, 3.30, 1.12, .241
    But at Miller Park, Oswalt has struggled:
    4-3, 44.2, 5.44, 1.39, .286

  • Doug Davis hasn't been as sharp in early 2005 as he was during 2004, but he's been effective at home.
    Since the beginning of the 2004 season:
    HOME:9-6, 142.0, 2.98, 1.21
    AWAY:8-11, 130.0, 4.29, 1.41
    Yet in 6 games against Houston since the beginning of 2004:
    1-5, 41.2, 4.75, 1.56

  • Derek Lowe this season:
    HOME: 4-1, 35.2, 2.52, 0.98, .230
    AWAY: 0-3, 30.0, 3.60, 1.47, .279

  • Barry Zito last year vs CLE:
    1-1, 22.0, 0.82, 1.09, .178
    And at Jacobs:
    0-1, 15.0, 1.20, 1.20, .188

  • Cliff Lee last year vs OAK:
    1-0, 13.1, 0.68, 1.35, .208
    With the A's struggling and the Indians coming off a big series against the Twins, it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of runs scored in this game. But you just never know.

  • Gil Meche career:
    HOME: 20-15, 273.1, 3.95, 1.29, .241
    AWAY: 18-15, 266.0, 5.31, 1.52, .274
    Career against TB:
    0-2, 11.2, 9.26, 2.23, .439

  • The Mariners face LHP Mark Hendrickson tonight. Only one Seattle regular is hitting over .250 against LHP (Ichiro).
    Ichrio is 4/11 lifetime against Hendrickson.

  • Sidney Ponson this season:
    HOME: 3-1, 35.0, 3.86, 1.40, .275
    AWAY: 2-1, 19.0, 9.47, 2.05, .341

  • Chris Young career:
    HOME: 3-4, 54.2, 4.94, 1.32, .264
    AWAY: 4-0, 32.0, 1.97, 1.31, .258
    Young has had three straight solid outings at home this year and he may be on his way to having a pretty successful season.

Baseball Daily
  • DBacks team physician Michael Lee, on Brandon Lyon's progress:
    "We don't feel that (Lyon) is ready to go back out at this point in time, and we have to kind of make some decisions based on further interpretation."
    It's also noted in that article that Bob Melvin mentioned that Jose Valverde might get some save opportunities in the near future.

  • Ben Sheets looks like he's ready to return on Saturday against the Astros.

  • Kris Benson career vs FLA:
    3-0, 38.1, 2.11, 1.20, .250
    Cabrera- 1/7
    Delgado- 1/1, HR
    Easley- 0/2
    Encarnacion- 1/8
    Gonzalez- 1/11
    Lo Duca- 0/2
    Lowell- 3/14
    Pierre- 5/12

  • Oliver Perez career vs CIN:
    4-2, 56.0, 3.05, 1.20, .242
    At Great American:
    2-0, 29.0, 2.48, 1.24, .224
    In Perez's last outing, it seemed like he had regained some command of his pitches.

  • Jake Peavy and Brandon Webb will face each other tonight for the third time this season. The previous two games, 04.29.05 and 04.23.05 were both duels.

  • Brad Penny career at Pac Bell:
    0-1, 13.2, 5.29, 1.35, .258
    But a good portion of that damage appears to be done by Bonds.
    Alfonso- 6/25
    Alou- 5/9
    Bonds- 4/9, 2HR
    Durham- 0/2
    Feliz- 1/6
    Grissom- 1/13
    Matheny- 1/5
    Snow- 3/9
    Tucker- 1/3

  • Brad Radke career at Jacobs:
    4-6, 79.2, 5.87, 1.34, .295
    But last year there:
    1-0, 15.0, 1.20 0.73, .135
    He pitched a three hit shutout against Cleveland on 05.05.05 in Minnesota.

  • Joe Mauer will also sit out tonight's game against C.C. Sabathia and the Indians.

  • The ninth inning homerun that Joe Nathan gave up last night to Ben Broussard was the first long ball that Nathan has surrendered since 08.19.04. Thanks to Aaron Gleeman.

  • Gustavo Chacin has yet to face the Red Sox in his short career.
    Only three of his 11 starts have come in Toronto:
    HOME: 1-2, 19.2, 5.03, 1.42, .301
    AWAY: 4-2, 47.2, 2.83, 1.13, .211

  • Jose Contreras since joining the White Sox:
    HOME: 2-2, 63.2, 3.39, 1.24
    ROAD:5-3, 64.0, 5.48, 1.53

  • John Lackey career:
    HOME: 19-13, 269.0, 3.58, 1.30, .258
    AWAY: 18-22, 295.0, 5.16, 1.48, .290
    The Angels host Chicago in game four of their series tonight, after losing two of three so far.

  • Todd Walker made his return to the Cubs' lineup last night. He batted sixth and went 0/3.

  • Luis Castillo is available to play after coming off the DL, but Jack McKeon has been slo w to bring him back.

Baseball Daily
  • I'm a real late to the party on this one, but is there a better pitching coach than Mike Maddux in the majors right now? This article from Tim Kurkjian is dated 10 March 2005 and features a couple of choice notes:
    The results have been dramatic. Maddux took Doug Davis, a journeyman, and helped turn him into a 12-game winner last season. He helped transform another itinerant, Danny Kolb, into a 39-save reliever. He took a bunch of young kids and helped make a legitimate pitching staff. This spring, one of his projects is Derrick Turnbow, a former pitcher with the Angels who is throwing in the mid-90s. Maddux says Turnbow could be a closer someday.

    "Our big thing we talk about is not power or strength, it's hiding the ball," said Maddux, who taught Davis to hide the ball better. "You know those pitching machines when the ball just shoots out? That's pretty hard to follow the ball. Same with pitching."
    The Brewers have a team ERA of 3.59, a WHIP of 1.28, and their opponent's batting average is .239. Look at the names on their roster. Who are these pitchers? Chris Capuano appears to be this year's gem but take a look at the name that everyone does recognize, Ben Sheets. Maddux was hired as the Brewers' pitching coach on 2 Nov 2002. Now check out how Sheets' numbers break down around that date:
    BEFORE: 22-26, 368.0, 4.40, 1.42, 6.5 K per 9, 2.9 BB per 9, 2.24 K/BB
    AFTER: 24-30, 485.0, 3.56, 1.12, 8.3 K per 9, 1.5 BB per 9, 5.65 K/BB

    There's something real nice going on in Milwaukee.

    Some other links I found about Maddux's impact on the Brewers' pitching staff.
    Wisconsin State Journal- Commentary
    KC Star- Turnbow's turnaround
    Official mlb.com Mike Maddux bio
    Milwaukee JS- story from 07.14.04

  • Roy Halladay will miss his next scheduled start because of an injury in his left oblique area.
    "It's getting better, but it's still there. It's a tough call, because I feel like I could throw," said Toronto's ace. "Whether or not it's going to get worse, who knows? They kind of made the decision for me and allowed me to take the extra two days."
  • Javy Lopez broke a bone in his right hand and is expected to miss at least six weeks.

  • Mike Sweeney has opened himself up to be dealt to the Texas Rangers. Add that to the teams he's contractually permitted to go to (LA, Anaheim, SF, Oakland, SD, Seattle, Arizona, and the Cubs)

  • Aaron Harang this year:
    HOME: 2-1, 34.2, 1.82, 0.84, .162
    AWAY: 1-1, 25.0, 5.40, 1.56, .313
    In nine starts this season, Harang has pitched at least six innings in all but one game: 04.27.05 at Chicago where he went five innings.
    Harang has a 2.6 K/BB ratio and his WHIP (1.14) is low enough to indicate that he is having a career season.

  • Kevin Millwood has also had a nice first quarter to the 2005 season.
    He's pitched better on the road this year, than he has at Jacobs Field:
    HOME: 0-3, 24.0, 4.88, 1.42, .271
    AWAY: 1-1, 30.1, 2.08, 1.22, .256
    I've also noticed that Millwood has rediscovered his old knack for getting out of tough innings, which indicates to me that his arm is as healthy as it has been for three years.
    If you take out the two games that Millwood has pitched against Minnesota this year, his line would read:
    1-3, 42.1, 2.34, 1.13
    And yes, the Indians face their Central Division rivals from the north tonight.

  • Randy Wolf career vs FLA:
    2-12, 91.0, 5.93, 1.49, .307
    Career at Pro Player:
    1-5, 43.0, 5.86, 1.51, .303
    Last year vs FLA:
    0-1, 10.0, 7.20, 1.50, .286
    The Marlins are hitting .302 against LHP this year.

  • Brandon Backe since joining the Astros:
    HOME: 7-1, 66.0, 2.73, 1.12
    AWAY: 1-5, 58.2, 6.90, 1.77
    Backe goes today in Chicago against Greg Maddux.

  • Bronson Arroyo since joining the Red Sox:
    HOME: 3-5, 109.1, 4.61, 1.41
    AWAY: 11-4, 106.0, 3.02, 0.96
    Arroyo goes tonight in Toronto.
    His career indoors numbers:
    5-1, 54.1, 3.48, 1.03, .235
    And at Skydome:
    2-0, 14.0, 1.29, 0.50, .125

  • A couple of interesting notes about two DBacks batting this season with runners in scoring position:
    Troy Glaus is just 9/53 (.170) but with 4 2B and 3 HR.
    He has 33 total RBI on the year, 19 with RISP.
    With 2 outs and RISP, Glaus is just 4/29 (.138) and 6RBI.
    Glaus' teammate, Shawn Green, is also struggling with RISP.
    Green is 9/49 (.184) with 15 RBI.
    With 2 outs and RISP, Green improves to 7/30 (.233) and 8 RBI.

Baseball Daily
  • The Padres got bad news on Monday, learning that Mark Loretta will undergo surgery and miss at least the next two months. Loretta had a similar procedure done in 2001, and he was out three months as a result. The veteran second baseman's loss is a significant one to the scrappy Padres. So much so, that espn's Buster Olney took time out to feature today's writings around each team's "must-have position players."
    The injury to the Padres' Mark Loretta, on the other hand, is not front-page news nationally, but it is devastating to San Diego. He's hit over .300 the last three full seasons, he scored 108 runs last year and was on pace for about 100 this year, he plays a strong second base, he draws walks, and he puts the ball in play (19 walks and just 15 strikeouts in 40 games).
    Olney's list is an interesting one, only because for the most part it links each team's 'must have' players with their resident superstar. The two exceptions, Mark Loretta and Cesar Izturis, emphasize how underrated these middle infielders are to their west coast teams.

  • Speaking of Ceasar Izturis, the L.A. Daily News has this feature on the Dodgers' short stop.
    Izturis, 25, presently has a seven-game hitting streak during which he had at least two hits in six games and five hits in one of them. He leads the majors with 23 multihit games.

    Perhaps most important for a switch-hitter who earlier in his career was known for a glaring discrepancy between his left-handed and right-handed averages, he is batting well over .300 from both sides of the plate. Izturis also is batting .680 (17 for 25) in "close-and-late" situations, defined as the seventh inning or later in a one-run game, a tie game or with the potential tying run on deck.
  • Danny Kolb got the save last night, but he looked like the same pitcher who's struggled to close 11 of 14 opportunities this year. I wouldn't bet that he's earned the job back just yet.

  • A.J. Burnett has some elbow inflamation and he will miss at least his next start.

  • Jeremy Affeldt is close to returning to the Royals bullpen.

  • How awful a combination would this be?
    Manager Dusty Baker admitted the Cubs would have interest in Danny Graves, who was designated for assignment Monday by the Cincinnati Reds after allowing five runs Sunday to Cleveland and then making an obscene gesture to a fan after he was roundly booed.

    "I'm sure we will," Baker said when asked if he and general manager Jim Hendry would discuss Graves. "We'll have to talk about it, and our advance scouts that are out there watching him will have to determine if it was warranted for him to be designated or not.
  • According to Jack McKeon, when Guillermo Mota comes off the DL, the Marlins will are planning to split their closer duties between Todd Jones and Mota.

  • Tom Glavine career vs ATL:
    1-7, 41.1, 9.36, 2.08, .378
    Last year:
    1-2, 17.0, 6.88, 1.59, .303
    And 04.27.05:
    0-1, 4.1, 12H, 7R, 2HR, 3BB, 1K
    Glavine says it's getting easier to face the Braves:
    "With every year and every subsequent start, the distance for me becomes more and more,'' Glavine said before Monday's series opener. "But even on top of that, Andruw (Jones) and Chipper (Jones) are the only two guys I've spent an extended period of time with.

    "Everybody else kind of comes and goes.''
    The Braves plan to sit Chipper for a while against LHP.
    Estrada- 2/9
    Franco- 6/16- 2HR
    Furcal- 4/20
    Giles- 5/13, 2HR
    A Jones- 9/18, 3HR
    Jordan- 7/28, HR
    Mondesi- 17/62, 2HR

  • Tim Hudson this season:
    HOME: 2-1, 27.1, 2.96, 1.13, .240
    AWAY: 2-2, 29.2, 3.94, 1.75, .316

  • Josh Beckett this season:
    HOME: 4-0, 29.0, 0.62, 0.83, .167
    AWAY: 2-3, 25.2, 4.56, 1.64, .284

  • Jeff Francis update:
    HOME: 5-0, 35.2, 2.78, 1.32, .254
    AWAY: 2-3, 47.1, 6.08, 1.69, .296

    DAY: 6-0, 52.2, 2.56, 1.39, .269
    NIGHT: 1-3, 30.1, 8.31, 1.78, .293
    Francis goes tonight in Milwaukee

  • Ryan Drese 2004-current:
    HOME: 12-6, 135.0, 3.33, 1.32
    AWAY: 5-7, 126.1, 6.05, 1.61

  • David Bush career vs BOS:
    0-2, 7.0, 12.86, 2.14, .367
    Bellhorn- 0/3
    Damon- 2/5
    Millar- 1/2
    Mueller- 2/3
    Nixon- 2/5, HR
    Ortiz- 1/3
    Ramirez- 1/2, HR
    Renteria- 1/4
    Varitek- 1/3, HR

  • Vernon Wells is 9/18 with four doubles and a homerun lifetime against David Wells.

  • With Ryan Dempster's third save of the season last night, it's very possible that he, and not Joe Borowski, will end up closing games for the Cubs this season.

  • Mark Buerhle this season:
    HOME: 5-0, 40.1, 1.79, 0.74, .190
    AWAY: 2-1, 27.1, 5.60, 1.54
    There have been a few rumors and complaints that the mound at Comiskey park unfairly favors pitchers.

Baseball Daily
  • U.S.S. Mariner linked to this from Jeff at lookoutlanding.com:
    Let's get right down to business and look at how today's Aaron Sele was different from the one we're used to. For one thing, he was pounding the strike zone and getting ahead in the count, allowing him to go to his curveball and collect a bunch of groundballs. While 26 of the 30 batters he faced put the ball in play, few of them were hit with any authority, likely a function of Sele keeping hitters off balance all game long.
    Jeff then uses a series of screen shots of Sele delivering fastballs and curveballs and compares Sele's arm angles between each shot. Check it out for yourself.

  • Carlos Beltran:
    "I still feel a little bit of pain," Beltran said after receiving treatment before and throughout yesterday's 5-3 loss. "The doctors said it looks better than yesterday, so I have it in my mind that maybe it will take a few days to get it to be at least 80-85% so I can go back out and play.
  • Even though Carl Crawford hit his fourth homerun on Sunday, I don't remember ever seeing him struggle this much at the plate. Perhaps moving him to third in the lineup wasn't such a good experiment on such a young hitter. Crawford is back hitting mostly leadoff, but he continues to be swinging too hard, and fouling back too many hitable pitches. The Rays' leftfielder is down to a .254 batting average.

  • The Sports Prof is celebrating his first anniversiary. He's compiled a listing of his favorite posts. Congrats.

  • Baseball Musings links and writes about a Baltimore Sun article describing Sidney Ponson's struggles this season.

  • Ken Rosenthal:
    If the Astros give up on their season, the player who could bring them the most in a trade is not RHP Roger Clemens but closer Brad Lidge. The Braves, Cubs, Marlins and Diamondbacks need late-inning relief help, and the Yankees, Red Sox and White Sox almost certainly would jump if Lidge, 28, became available.
  • More from Rosenthal:
    When right-hander Adam Bernero cracked the Braves' Opening Day roster, it appeared to signal a lack of depth in the team's bullpen; Bernero, 28, had signed with the club as a minor-league free agent. But Bernero, who missed nearly the entire first half with the Rockies last season due to a right shoulder injury, suddenly is part of a committee that will replace Dan Kolb as the Braves' closer. Using an above-average changeup, Bernero struck out 21 and walked only three in his first 23 2/3 innings while limiting opponents to a .228 batting average.
    Also in that link, Rosenthal discusses the potential of Royals' rookie third baseman, Mark Teahan, who's been very impressive in the field this season.

  • Jon Lieber career at Pro Player:
    2-4, 43.2, 5.98, 1.56, .313
    Castillo- 9/22
    Delgado- 3/8, HR
    Easley- 3/10
    Encarnacion- 1/6
    Gonzalez- 6/17, HR
    Lo Duca- 1/3
    Lowell- 5/15
    Pierre- 5/7

  • Jim Thome is back in the lineup for the Phillies, just in time to face Dontrelle Willis. Thome is 3/21 lifetime against the Marlins lefty.

  • Eric Milton in five career starts at his current home field (Cincinnati):
    2-2, 30.0, 4.20, 1.23, .256

  • Horacio Ramirez career:
    HOME: 6-2, 109.1, 3.13, 1.29, .228
    AWAY: 10-9, 173.2, 4.15, 1.45, .277
    The Braves are home to New York tonight.
    The Mets are hitting .301 against LHP this season.
    .246 against RHP.

  • Kaz Ishii has never pitched in Atlanta, but he's faced the Braves three times in Dodger Stadium:
    0-1, 11.0, 9.00, 1.91, .256
    Estrada- 2/2, HR
    Furcal- 3/6
    Giles- 1/3
    C Jones- 1/3, HR
    A Jones- 2/5

  • Jon Garland is 8-0 this year, but look at his splits:
    HOME: 4-0, 31.0, 1.74, 0.81, .179
    AWAY: 4-0. 28.2, 3.14, 1.12, .259

    His last road game, 05.07.05 in Toronto, Garland gave up 6 runs but still got the win.
    On 04.25.05 hit pitched a 4 hit shutout against the lowly A's, in Oakland.
    Five days before that, on 04.20.05, Garland threw 8 innings of 5-hit ball in Detroit.
    And in the season opener, Garland beat the Twins in the Metrodome, but he gave up 10 hits in 6 innings.

    Tonight, the White Sox play at Edison Field, where Garland is:
    1-3, 26.1, 5.13, 1.71, .305
    Garland's career numbers everywhere haven't been too much better than that up until this season.

    Last year, vs ANA:
    0-0, 13.1, 2.70, 1.35, .265
    Anderson- 4/20
    Cabrera- 1/10, HR
    DaVanon- 3/9
    Erstad- 6/13
    Figgins- 4/14
    Finley- 2/3, HR
    Kennedy- 4/16, HR
    B Molina- 3/15
    Rivera- 0/3
    After missing Sunday's game, Finley and Molina should be back in the lineup on Monday.
    The Angels will start rookie RHP, Ervin Santana.


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09/12/2004 - 09/19/2004
09/19/2004 - 09/26/2004
09/26/2004 - 10/03/2004
10/03/2004 - 10/10/2004
10/10/2004 - 10/17/2004
10/17/2004 - 10/24/2004
10/24/2004 - 10/31/2004
10/31/2004 - 11/07/2004
11/07/2004 - 11/14/2004
11/14/2004 - 11/21/2004
11/21/2004 - 11/28/2004
11/28/2004 - 12/05/2004
12/05/2004 - 12/12/2004
12/12/2004 - 12/19/2004
12/19/2004 - 12/26/2004
12/26/2004 - 01/02/2005
01/02/2005 - 01/09/2005
01/09/2005 - 01/16/2005
01/16/2005 - 01/23/2005
01/23/2005 - 01/30/2005
01/30/2005 - 02/06/2005
02/06/2005 - 02/13/2005
02/13/2005 - 02/20/2005
02/20/2005 - 02/27/2005
02/27/2005 - 03/06/2005
03/06/2005 - 03/13/2005
03/13/2005 - 03/20/2005
03/20/2005 - 03/27/2005
03/27/2005 - 04/03/2005
04/03/2005 - 04/10/2005
04/10/2005 - 04/17/2005
04/17/2005 - 04/24/2005
04/24/2005 - 05/01/2005
05/01/2005 - 05/08/2005
05/08/2005 - 05/15/2005
05/15/2005 - 05/22/2005
05/22/2005 - 05/29/2005
05/29/2005 - 06/05/2005
06/05/2005 - 06/12/2005
06/12/2005 - 06/19/2005
06/19/2005 - 06/26/2005
06/26/2005 - 07/03/2005
07/03/2005 - 07/10/2005
07/10/2005 - 07/17/2005
07/17/2005 - 07/24/2005
07/24/2005 - 07/31/2005
07/31/2005 - 08/07/2005
08/07/2005 - 08/14/2005
08/14/2005 - 08/21/2005
08/21/2005 - 08/28/2005
08/28/2005 - 09/04/2005
09/04/2005 - 09/11/2005
09/11/2005 - 09/18/2005
09/18/2005 - 09/25/2005
09/25/2005 - 10/02/2005
10/02/2005 - 10/09/2005
10/09/2005 - 10/16/2005
10/16/2005 - 10/23/2005
10/23/2005 - 10/30/2005
10/30/2005 - 11/06/2005
11/06/2005 - 11/13/2005
11/13/2005 - 11/20/2005
01/01/2006 - 01/08/2006
02/19/2006 - 02/26/2006

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