Baseball Daily
  • Mark Loretta will meet with another doctor on Monday about his sprained thumb. Surgery, and an exrended absence, have not yet been ruled out.

  • Ryan Freel has won the Reds' second base job, now that D'Angelo Jimenez has been sent down.

  • Joe Borowski was activated before Friday's game and he pitched one scoreless inning.

  • From Thursday's notes, I expected Dotel may end up on the DL and the A's have now made that move. Hudson Street will most like take over the job now.

  • Michael Barrett, who's hitting .364 so far in May, had an MRI on his sore shoulder that revealed "no structural damage." An alternative at catcher could be Toby Hall, who's hitting .313 this year and .455 against LHP.

  • Spawned by this chat transcript that mentions Brewers 2B prospect Rickie Weeks hot start in AAA, I located the site rickieweeksjr.com. On the bottom right, you'll see his current stats. As of May 20th, he's hitting .326 with 7HR and 29RBI.

  • Jose Contreras career versus National League teams:
    6-4, 37.1, 4.61, 1.19
    Career DAY: 6-4, 132.2, 3.60, 1.24, .210
    Career NIGHT: 13-7. 154.2, 5.53, 1.45, .254

  • Carlos Zambrano career versus CWS:
    2-1, 28.0, 3.86, 1.68, .250
    Career versus AL teams:
    3-3, 43.0, 4.40, 1.74
    DAY: 21-16, 327.0, 2.67, 1.27, .224
    NIGHT: 16-15, 263.1, 4.14, 1.37, .247

  • Chris Young career:
    HOME: 2-4, 49.2, 5.07, 1.35, .266
    AWAY: 4-0, 32.0, 1.97, 1.31, .258
    But in his last two starts at home, 04.28.05 and 05.09.05, he's given up a combined 11 hits, 2 runs in 16.0 innings.
    Those two games were against Seattle and Detroit. Today he faces Houston.

  • Roy Halladay career versus NL teams:
    16-10, 118.1, 3.12, 1.14
    Career against Montreal
    2-1, 39.0, 2.54, 0.97, .228

  • Randy Johnson career BvsP:
    Beltran- 3/5
    Cameron- 1/19
    Floyd- 0/1
    Matsui- 1/3
    Piazza- 5/18, HR
    Reyes- 1/4
    Wright- 0/3
    Career at Shea:
    4-1, 40.1, 2.45, 1.07, .230

  • Kris Benson career versus AL teams:
    4-7, 81.0, 6.55, 1.55
    Benson's never faced the Yankees, but Tino Martinez is 5/10 against him.

  • John Lackey this year and last year at day:
    4-5, 53.2, 6.88, 1.64
    Career versus NL teams:
    4-2, 43.2, 3.50, 1.28
    Career versus LA:
    2-1, 18.1, 2.45, 1.20

  • Brad Penny career versus AL teams:
    5-6, 73.0, 5.18, 1.48

  • Mark Hendrickson career versus NL teams:
    3-1, 40.0, 2.93, 1.35

  • A.J. Burnett career versus AL teams:
    7-2, 101.1, 3.20, 1.05
    Career against Tampa Bay:
    3-1, 48.1, 2.79, 0.93

  • Tim Wakefield 2004 and 2003 against NL teams:
    0-1, 24.2, 8.76, 1.82

  • Matt Morris career versus AL teams:
    9-5, 101.1, 4.26, 1.22
    Career vs KC:
    302, 35.0, 3.09, 1.14

  • Jose Lima career vs STL:
    1-5, 62.2, 6.75, 1.45, .278
    Last season vs STL:
    0-1, 7.0, 6H, 3R, 2HR, 1BB, 5K
    Mark Grudzielanek is 11/25 with a HR lifetime against Jose Lima.

  • Brad Radke career versus NL teams:
    15-9, 230.1, 3.09, 1.08
    Career vs MIL:
    3-5, 89.2, 3.21, 1.13

Baseball Daily
  • Beyond the Boxscore has write up about Javier Vasquez's history that provides numbers to the theory behind his previous injury.

  • Jeremy Bonderman was scratched from his start on Thursday and will pitch today.
    For all of Trammell's concern, Bonderman handled the questions fine. "I'm fine," he said. "Just a little dead arm. I'll be ready to go."
  • MLB's 2004 Interleague Homepage.

  • Joe Borowski has a 2.25 ERA in his seven rehab games so far. The Roto Times quotes the Daily Southtown saying the Cubs don't have a timetable on bringing back Borowski.

  • Freddy Garcia, a career AL pitcher, has a 2.20 lifetime ERA against teams that are now in the National League.
    In four Interleague starts last year:
    2-2, 30.2, 3.23, 1.11
    Garcia also has an impressive career daytime line:
    35-11, 436.1, 3.34, 1.25, .235

  • Greg Maddux, a career NL pitcher, has a 3.35 lifetime ERA against teams that are now in the American League.
    In three Interleague starts last year:
    1-2, 16.1, 6.61, 1.59
    Two of those starts were against the White Sox.
    Maddux gave up 11 runs, 9 earned in 9.1 innings against them last year.
    Maddux's career daytime ERA is slightly higher than his nightime: 3.14 vs 2.82

  • Kevin Millwood, a career NL pitcher before this season, has made two starts at Great American:
    1-1, 9.1, 15H, 11R, 10ER, 3HR, 2BB, 11K
    Adam Dunn is 4/11 with 3HR against Millwood.

  • Aaron Harang only made one start last season agains the AL and it came against the same team he faces on Friday, Cleveland:
    0-0, 6.0, 5H, 1ER, 1BB, 4K

  • Brandon Backe, since joining the Astros:
    HOME: 7-1, 66.0, 2.73, 1.12
    AWAY: 1-4, 51.6, 6.97, 1.82
    And since he pitched for the DRays before moving to Houston, Backe BvsP TEX:
    Blalock- 0/1
    Soriano- 0/6
    Teixeira- 2/2, HR
    M Young- 4/4

  • Kenny Rogers last year vs the NL:
    2-0, 28.0, 2.57, 0.89

  • Tim Hudson, a career AL pitcher before this season, has made four career starts af Fenway:
    1-3, 19.0, 8.53, 2.16, .333

  • Wade Miller, a career NL pitcher before this season, has made five starts against the Braves:
    1-3, 24.1, 6.66, 2.14, .365
    The Braves might want to bring Mike Hampton in to pinch hit tonight, he's 5/7 with 2HR against Miller.

  • Hideo Nomo career at Pro Player:
    0-6, 48.1, 5.59, 1.61, .279

  • Mark Mulder, a career AL pitcher before this season, lifetime at Kaufmann:
    3-0, 28.0, 3.21, 1.18, .286

  • Zach Greinke has made four career Interleague starts:
    1-3, 25.0, 19K, 4.32, 0.96
    One of those starts was against the Cardinals:
    0-1, 5.0, 6H, 4R, HR, 2BB, 6K

  • Jake Peavy has made one career start at SAFECO:
    1-0, 8.0, 3H, 0R, 5K
    In seven career Interleague starts:
    4-2, 41.1, 2.61, 1.11
    Two of those starts have been against Seattle:
    2-0, 14.2, 7H, 0R, 1BB, 5K

Baseball Daily
  • I noted Tuesday that the Brandon Lyon situation was one to keep an eye on. Sure enough, after the DBacks pronounced Lyon ready to pitch Wednesday, it was Brian Bruney who again got the call to close out the win for Arizona. Now the word from Arizona is:
    "A little better, but not great," [Head Trainer] Lessard said. "He's progressed, but it's been kind of a slow pace. Right now, we're just trying to get him feeling better."

    Melvin said Wednesday that he wants Lyon to not feel any discomfort in his elbow, and then will give him yet another day after that before using him in a game. With a week having passed since he last pitched, the D-Backs could elect to retroactively place Lyon on the DL, meaning the league leader in saves would only miss a little more than another week of action.
  • Also on the closer watch, Octavio Dotel is not only ineffective, but now he's getting his elbow examined. There isn't much left in that Oakland bullpen, but I'd imagine that Hudson Street should get a chance to close if Dotel misses any time.

  • Rich Harden is going to miss more time than was initially expected:
    An MRI exam taken on Harden's strained oblique muscle in his left side showed less damage than that which kept Tim Hudson out for six weeks last year, but, said manager Ken Macha, "It's not as good as we'd hoped."
  • Nook Logan is getting a chance to hit leadoff for the Tigers.

  • Baseball Musings breaks down the status of Frank Thomas' first rehab assignment.

  • Marc Normandin from Beyond the Boxscore goes above and beyond with an analysis of Matt Clement.

  • Brett Tomko career at Coors:
    0-3, 20.0, 9.45, 1.85, .341

  • Tomko has a tough matchup on Thursday. Not only is he terrible in Denver, but he's facing Mr. Day/Home when he's pitching at home during the day.
    Jeff Francis career:
    HOME: 4-0, 29.2, 3.03, 1.28, .248
    DAY: 5-0, 46.2, 2.70, 1.37, .267

  • Scott Kazmir career:
    HOME: 0-3, 38.2, 3.52, 1.36, .230
    ROAD: 2-3, 40.0, 6.53, 1.83, .294

  • Jeremy Bonderman career vs TB:
    3-1, 28.2, 2.20, 0.87, .183

  • Alex Rios is 7 for 12 when batting leadoff this season.

  • Jason Marquis has pitched well on the road so far this year:
    2-1, 29.0, 1.55, 0.83, .184
    Abreu- 1/17
    Burrell- 5/19
    Chavez- 2/4
    Lieberthal- 6/16, HR
    Rollins- 3/21
    Utley- 1/3

  • Brett Myers has obviously pitched well everywhere this season.
    Edmonds- 4/8
    Gruzielanek- 1/9
    Nunez- 1/3
    Pujols- 6/14
    Sanders- 0/5
    Walker- 1/3
    Keep your eye on Edmonds' availability on Thursday. He took a hard crash into the center field wall last night and even though he stayed in the game, it didn't look good. Edmonds is also playing with a sprained ligament in his left ankle.

  • Jason Lane is officially platooning with Orlando Palmeiro for the Astros' right field job.

Baseball Daily
  • UPDATE: With Danny Kolb blowing another save last night, this mlb.com article suggests that Adam Bernero could take over on Wednesday as the Braves closer./UPDATE

  • Great stuff from Baseball Musings about runners left on base. Writer David Pinto has a table of all 30 MLB teams and their LOB numbers for the year. And as an update, Bill Ferris from detroittigersweblog.com adds in the argument that runs scored divided by base runners (TB+BB+HPB) is a little better "measure of throughput."

  • I noted on Monday that Miguel Cabrera was 14 starts away from being 3B eligible. As Eric Karabell points out, he needs only three games there to be espn eligible. Manager Jack McKeon has said that Mike Lowell should be back at third base after "a few days off" and, indeed, Lowell was back at third on Tuesday night.

  • Excellent, and long, article from the Washington Post about Brian Roberts.

  • Josh Beckett home/away splits, 2004-2005:
    HOME: 9-5, 120.1, 124K, 2.77, 1.08
    AWAY: 6-7, 85.0, 79K, 4.48, 1.38

  • Carlos Delgado is 15 for 32 with 1 HR lifetime against Jeff Weaver.

  • Chipper Jones is 4 for 8 with a 3B and a HR lifetime against Adam Eaton.

  • Chris Carpenter BvsP:
    Abreu- 10/18, 2HR
    Burrell- 4/14, 3HR

  • Jon Lieber BvsP:
    Eckstein- 5/14
    Edmonds- 11/30, 5HR
    Grudzielanek- 11/38, HR
    Nunez- 10/23, HR
    Pujols- 9/26, HR
    Sanders- 9/37
    Walker- 11/35- 4HR

  • Russ Ortiz career at Minute Maid:
    3-0, 25.1, 3.55, 1.62, .255

  • Bartolo Colon, a former Indian, career at Jacobs:
    36-22, 539.2, 3.99, 1.39, .260
    In two career starts at Jacobs since leaving the Indians:
    0-1, 12.0 , 4.50, 1.42, .283

  • Ryan Drese career at Comiskey:
    2-1, 17.0, 6.35, 1.29, .273

  • Mark Buehrle BvsP:
    Blalock- 0/6
    Mench- 2/7, HR
    Soriano- 3/17, HR
    Teixeira- 1/9
    Young- 4/21

  • Mike Mussina career at SAFECO:
    3-1, 31.0, 1.74, 0.77, .165

  • Buy Low Player of the Day: Jason Giambi. I've been slow to pull the trigger on this one, for obvious reasons, but after watching Giambi go 3/4 with a 3 run HR Tuesday night, I'm convinced that he's worth a pick up off of free agency. Before the season, I suspected that Giambi may end up around .300 100-30-100 and it's very possible that he could still approach those numbers. It's very possible that his poor April was nothing more than a slow start. It has been, after all, a while since he was healthy, and from what I've seen over the last week, he may be just that.

  • One other buy low tip, Johan Santana was awful last season up until June. Last night, he didn't have good command of any of his pitches. Also, SportCenter was running that segment on Santana all day and it was clear that the changeup he was throwing in the espn piece was a much better pitch than the one he was trying to throw on Tuesday night.

  • Finally, I'll never understand why what Derrek Lee did last night gets less press than someone hitting for the cycle.

Baseball Daily
  • Eric from Amazing Avenue brings up a point about Carlos Beltran:
    Carlos Beltran, for all of his talents, has been a big disappointment to me personally. He came with the reputation of being an outstanding base stealer and a big power threat. He's managed to hit for a good average, hovering around .300 all year. That as much as anything has probably kept the fans and the media off of his back. He has but a single stolen base this season and six homeruns, all of which came in Pedro Martinez starts. His walk rate is down, he doesn't run out ground balls or double-plays, and he just hasn't done anything to impress me thus far let alone justify his humongous contract. That's not to say that he won't, just that he hasn't.
    I don't doubt that Beltran may be loafing through the first month of the season. He may even stretch it into June. The biggest worry, from a fantasy point of view, is the lack of stolen bases. Earlier today, I got into a discussion with a rival owner about this very same topic. Is Carlos not running anymore? Or is he going to just turn it on late in the year like he did in 2004?
    I'm going to assume a 28 year old superstar isn't done stealing bases, but in a keeper league, the gap between Beltran and someone like Miguel Cabrera is narrowing with each passing day.

  • Will Carroll lists his top 10 future GMs. At the top of his list:
    1 Kim Ng – There's no question that Ng is at the top of the list of many owner's potential GM lists. After stints in the MLB offices as well as in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Ng seems poised to take the step up. She's worked in big media markets, handled herself under pressure and in bad situations, and has worked for three first time GMs. There's a bit of a hole in her resume when it comes to scouting, something she acknowledges and says she'll fill by having a top notch scouting director or Asst GM with that background. It will be something of a Jackie Robinson moment when Ng is introduced as the first female GM, but her qualifications are what will get her the job.
  • K-Rod has a forearm strain and even though the Angels aren't too concerned, I have a feeling he could miss significant time.

  • Also on the closer watch, keep an eye on Brandon Lyon. Dr. Michael Lee calls Lyon's mild tendinitis, "Nothing at all," but there still has to be concern for a pitcher with Lyon history of arm troubles.

  • Mark Prior, in 3 career starts at PNC Park:
    2-0, 22.2, 1.19, 0.93, .192

  • Josh Fogg, in 6 starts against CHC last season:
    1-2, 29.2, 6.98, 1.63, .300

  • Michael Barrett lifetime against Josh Fogg:
    8 for 12, 3 2B, 2 HR

  • Noah Lowry in one career start at Coors:
    1-0, 5.2, 9H, 6R, 3HR, 2BB, 5K

  • Dontrelle Willis career vs LA:
    0-2, 7.0, 14H, 12R, 3HR, 5BB, 4K
    But the Dodgers team he faces tonight will have a different look than the previous two he's faced.
    Willis' career BvsP against all current Dodgers:
    Bradley- 1/3, HR
    Drew- 2/7
    Kent- 2/7
    Phillips- 3/11
    All four of the above players were with a team other than LA when they faced Willis.
    So I looked up the two previous games Dontrelle faced the Dodgers: 05.06.04 and 09.11.03.
    Most of the damage against Willis was made by Shawn Green and Adrian Beltre.
    Nonetheless, the Dodger lineup he faces tonight will be a completely new one.
    One other interesting note about Willis:
    An Oakland native, Dontrelle has made 4 career starts in California:
    @ Qualcomm: 1-0, 5.0, 5H, 3R, 4BB, 7K
    @ Pac Bell: 0-1, 6.0, 11H, 11R, 10ER, 3HR, 7BB, 1K
    @ PETCO: 0-1, 7.0, 9H, 6R, 2HR, 2BB, 5K
    Combined, his numbers in the state of California are:
    1-2, 18.0, 25H, 20R, 19ER, 5HR, 13BB, 13K

  • Derek Lowe is just 2-4 this season, despite his 2.94 ERA. Both wins have come at home.

  • Josh Towers has never faced the Twins, but he has pitched well indoors this year:
    4 starts, 2-0, 26.2, 1BB, 22K, 2.36, 0.98, .245

  • Buy Low Player of the Day: Victor Martinez. Last year, the Indians catcher broke out with 23 homeruns and 108 RBI. Martinez also had a respectable .283 average and many owners took him early in this year's drafts. The concern so far this season is Victor's batting average against RHP. A swtich hitter, Martinez is at .141 from the left side of the plate and .351 from the right. Last year, his split was .282 and .283, so there's probably something mechanically wrong with his swing. Martinez was streaky last year, hitting as low as .221 in the month of August, so it's more than possible that he could end up around .275 this year. Buying in at .205, his current average, would be wise.

  • U.S.S. Mariner has an excellent breakdown on Seattle's Tuesday starter, Julio Mateo. In sum:
    Mateo has been the epitome of a successful contact pitcher to date, mixing in almost no walks with literally no home runs and not many strikeouts and getting a ton of outs by allowing the defense to make plays. ...

    Essentially, if he continues to pitch with the same groundball, flyball, and contact rates he is now, we would expect him to post an ERA just a bit below 4.00 in a neutral park with a neutral defense. Pitching in Safeco Field in front of one of the best defenses in the game will probably knock at least half a run off that, but that won’t be something we should attribute to his skills.

Baseball Daily
  • Buy Low Player of the Day: Richard Hidalgo. He's 7 for his last 15 with 4 RBI. The Rangers go to Chicago (AL) for three games starting Monday night, before returning home to Texas to face Hidalgo's former team, Houston. On the season, Hidalgo is hitting just .200 with 5 homeruns.

  • Paul Wilson, who started his career as a Met, career at Shea:
    4-5, 87.1, 3.61, 1.31, .237
    Last year:
    AWAY: 5-3, 78.0, 5.77, 1.68, .313
    at SHEA: 0-1, 6.2, 9H, 6R, 2HR, 1BB, 9K

  • Chan Ho Park in 23.2 innings at home this year has 22K and just 10BB. On the road, he's walked 13 and struck out 11 in just 16.0 innings.

  • Prior to this 05.10.05 OAK at Bos game, I wrote about Saarloos on the road, and Arroyo at home. As it turned out, a Dotel blown save ruined that game for me. Now Arroyo goes on the road, where he's stronger, and Saarloos is back at home, where he's not.
    Arroyo away last year: 7-4, 103.0, 3.06, 1.01, .214
    Arroyo away this year: 4-0, 27.0, 2.67, 0.81, .188
    Baseball Musings' day by day database does the math on
    Arroyo's total road games while with the Red Sox:
    11-4, 133.0, 2.91, 0.92

  • One other note about Arroyo, he'll begin his 6 game suspension after tonight's game.

  • Saarloos at home this year:
    0-2, 19.0, 7.58, 1.79, .288

  • For the third straight day, Jim Thome took BP and it's likely he'll be back playing with the Phillies by the end of the week.

  • With Mike Lowell sitting out Sunday, Miguel Cabrera got a rare start at third base. 14 more starts to go for fantasy eligibility.

  • Ryan Dempster says he wants to stay in the bullpen. Meanwhile, Kerry Wood has not warmed to the idea of closing:
    "Maybe at the end of my career," he said. "But I think I’ve got quite a few innings left in me. I’m tired of speculation."
  • Interleague play begins on Friday. Here are some resources:
    Interleague History
    2004 individual stats
    Team records, since 1997
    2004 Standings.
    Tampa Bay was 15-3 in Interleague games last season while St. Louis went 11-1.

  • Tony Womack stole eight bases last week. Four on 05.11.05 against SEA and four on 05.15.05 against OAK. Other than those two games, Womack has swiped a total of two bases the rest of the year (in 33 of 35 games played).

  • In contrast, Dave Roberts has appeared in 23 games so far this season. He has 7 SBs on the year but he has yet to steal more than one per game.


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