Baseball Daily
  • The Cardinals are now 2-1 after losing Scott Rolen. In last night's loss, Rolen's spot in the lineup came up a couple of times with runners on base. But St. Louis was shut out for the first time this season and they were held to only 5 hits by Glavine, Hernandez, and Looper.

  • This afternoon, St. Louis has to face Pedro Martinez. Forget for a moment that Pedro has a career opponent's batting average of .208. This season, Martinez has given up just 25 hits in 50.0 innings.

  • Both Mulder and Martinez have spent most or all of their career in the American League, so they'll be facing a lot of batters on Saturday for the first or second time. Usually, that is an advantage to the pitcher.

  • See yesterday's notes for Colon vs Bonderman.

  • Jarrod Washburn vs Mike Maroth in the second game of the DET/ANA double header:
    Washburn career at Comerica:
    3-0, 26.0, 3.81, 1.08, .219
    But in his last start, on 05.08.05 against DET, he didn't have his best stuff:
    2.1, 8H, 7R, 0BB, 0K

  • The Indians will face their second left handed starter in a row today. As noted yesterday, Cleveland is now batting just .231 against LHP.
    Before last night's win, the Indians had a 1-8 record in games started against a LHP. Had Ted Lilly been able to thrown strikes (5 BB in 1.2 innings), Cleveland might be 1-9 in those games against lefty starters.
    This afternoon, they face LHP Gustavo Chacin.
    The Indians are also 2-10 in game two's.

  • The Phillies are 5-2 when following a series opening loss. Randy Wolf, who's shown signs of improvement over his last two starts, pitches for them tonight. The last left handed starter the Reds faced was Mark Mulder, who threw 7.0 shutout innings against them.

  • Brett Tomko career at Minute Maid:
    0-1, 8.1, 15H, 8R, 2HR, 4BB, 6K

  • Roger Clemens career at Minute Maid:
    13-4, 161.0, 2.57, 1.04, .207

  • Jake Peavy is due for a solid game. He's been knocked around in his last three starts.
    Career vs FLA:
    1-1, 13.2, 2.63, 1.10, .268
    Career at home:
    15-7, 250.1, 2.80, 1.15, .222

  • Al Leiter also has a good history pitching in San Diego. He's due for a good effort as well.
    Career at Qualcomm:
    3-3, 64.0, 2.25, 1.17, .216
    1 career start at PETCO:
    0-0, 5.0, 4H, 1R, 1HR, 7BB, 2K
    The Padres are hitting just .204 at home against LHP this season.

  • Mike Hampton career at Dodger Stadium:
    3-6, 65.0, 5.68, 1.68, .306

  • The Braves are 6-0 after losing a series opener. LA is 5-2 after winning an opener.

  • Kevin Brown pitched 7.0 shutout innings against Oakland his last time out, but had he not gotten out of a bases loaded jam with no outs in the second inning, I doubt he would have made it past the fourth inning.

  • The Yankees have won 6 in a row and the A's have lost 6 in a row.

Baseball Daily
  • Adrian Beltre is struggling. While he's probably not going to hit .334 again this year, Beltre's career splits indicate that he's a better second half performer. His walks are down and his strikeouts are up, but I'm guessing Beltre's slow start has more to do with a lack of familiarity than it does a lack of talent. He's always been a quirkly little player.

  • Eric Milton pitched for the Phillies last season.
    His numbers at Citizens Bank last year:
    17 starts, 6-3, 104.1, 4.40, 1.29, .241
    One other interesting note is that even though Milton has pitched for three different teams over the last three years, his road numbers have been worse than his home numbers, regardless of where he's been.

  • The Phillies are hitting .290 against LHP in their last 10 games. They're also 4-2 after dropping the first game of a series this season. Brett Myers pitches for them tonight.

  • Tonight is the first game in Washington since they rebuilt their pitching mound.

  • After a rough start to the season, Kip Wells has settled in as one of the Pirates' best starter. Over the last month, Wells has won 3 of his 5 starts; throwing 31.1 innings with an ERA of 3.16 while striking out 25.

  • The Pirates return home tonight off a 7-3 road trip. They're 3-9 at home so far this season, and they are hitting just .229 against LHPs this year.

  • Tom Glavine may have a hard time turning around his struggles tonight. He faces a Cardinals team that is 10-3 on the road, 10-2 in series openers, and winners of 4 out of their last 5. The Cards are also hitting .314 against LHPs in their last 10 games.
    Pujols is batting .571 against Glavine (8/14) but he doesn't yet have an extra base hit against him.

  • The Astros are hitting just .200 against LHPs this season and they're .205 against lefties in their last 10 games. But at home, Houston is batting .292 against LHP (7 of their last 10 have been on the road). The Astros face Kirk Rueter tonight who's career numbers at Minute Maid are:
    1-0, 12.1, 2.19, 1.22, .262

  • Colorado's Mr. Day, Jeff Francis, goes tonight at home against Arizona. As noted before, his numbers at home and at day are significantly better than at night and on the road.

  • Colorado is batting .357 at home against LHP. Arizona is batting .157 on the road against LHP.

  • Josh Beckett has only made one career start at PETCO:
    1-0, 6.0, 6H, 2R, 1HR, 3BB, 6K
    Career against SD:
    3-0, 20.0, 2.25, 1.15, .225

  • Miguel Cabrera is 5 for 7 lifetime against Adam Eaton. A couple of other Marlins have had success against the Padres righty:
    Josh Beckett- 3/5, 2 2B
    Lo Duca- 11/33
    Pierre- 12/27, 1HR

  • Bonderman and Colon battled each other in a 2-1 Tiger victory last week, but Colon's career numbers at Comerica suggest that may not happen again:
    4-3, 47.0, 5.94, 1.68, .320
    Bonderman has struggled there as well, going 2-2 with a 5.33 ERA this year and 4-6 with a 5.07 ERA last year.

  • The Indians are hitting .228 this year against LHP, .216 at home, and .202 in their last 10.

  • Miguel Tejada is 4 for 29 (.138) career off Mark Buehrle

  • The White Sox are struggling to hit RHPs. They're batting .237 against them on the year, .216 at home, and .203 in their last 10 games. On the flip side, Chicago is hitting .301 on the year against lefties.

  • Ryan Drese career indoors:
    4-4, 64.1, 7.13, 2.01, .336

  • Texas is 4-8 in series openers. Minnesota is 6-6.

  • After last night's 7 inning win, KC is now 3-12 at home. Tampa Bay is 1-11 on the road. Both are MLB worsts.

  • Joel Pineiro career:
    HOME: 27-15, 3.04, 1.18, .230
    AWAY: 18-19, 4.53, 1.36, .270
    But against Boston:
    2-5, 40.2, 7.08, 1.77, .329

  • The Red Sox are rolling again, 8-2 in their last 10. Seattle is 1-9 over their last 10 games.

  • Mike Mussina career in Oakland:
    8-5, 107.1, 3.52, 1.20, .259

Baseball Daily

Off on thursday.
Short list of games today.

Baseball Daily
  • Octavio Dotel cost the A's a nice win last night. On the season, Dotel has blown 3 of his 9 save chances and he was lucky to close out of the A's 05.01.05 game against the Mariners. Dotel has walked 10 batters in 13.0 innings this year and from what I've seen of him, he's almost afraid to pitch to left handed batters. 8 of those 10 walks have been against LHBs.
    Furthering the point, Buster Olney writes:
    For any Cub fan pining for Octavio Dotel to become a closer, there is this to consider: He's blown three of his nine chances this year, including Tuesday's opportunity in Boston, and he continues to have a huge differential in his success against left-handed and right-handed batters. "I wouldn't touch him as a closer," one evaluator said the other day. "He could be a specialist, a guy who could face three straight right-handed batters." For the record, a right-handed hitter did him in on Tuesday.
  • Welcome back Jorge Cantu. He's hitting the ball to all fields again and he ended last night's game with a walk off homer against the White Sox. Cantu is playing third now, with Nick Green holding down second base, and since returning to the Rays' lineup on 05.07.05, Cantu is 7 for 16 with 2 homeruns and 5 RBIs.

  • Keep an eye out for this Scott Rolen injury. He said he heard 'a pop' when he ran into Hee Seop Choi on the way to first base Tuesday night.

  • Paul Wilson last year against SD:
    0-1, 1.1, 8H, 7ER, 2HR, 3BB, 0K
    And for his career:
    1-6, 33.2, 8.82, 2.23, .364

  • Mark Prior makes another home, day start today. Last time out, I noted that's his numbers are slightly higher at home, but slightly lower at day. He then pitched an 8 inning gem that was ruined by the Cubs' bullpen.

  • John Smoltz career at Coors:
    11 games, 4 starts, 1-2, 33.2, 4.81, 1.40, .313
    The Braves will face Byung Hyun Kim today.

  • Tomo Ohka career at Bank One:
    3 starts, 0-0, 16.0, 6.19, 1.63, .313

  • Jeff Suppan last year at home:
    6-8, 96.2, 4.75, 1.52, .299
    AWAY: 10-1, 91.1, 3.55, 1.20, .226
    And this year, that trend has continued:
    HOME: 1-2, 21.0, 5.14, 1.95, .333
    AWAY: 1-1, 15.1, 1.17, 0.85, .180

  • David Bush career:
    HOME: 4-2 70.0, 2.70, 1.17, .233
    AWAY: 1-5 61.2, 4.15, 1.24, .270

  • Johan Santana last year vs BAL:
    2-0, 15.0, 12H, 0R, 0BB, 23K

  • Baltimore is batting .285 on the year against LHPs, .271 in their last 10, and .223 at home.

  • Dewon Brazelton is at home again tonight but that didn't seem to help him last time out. Brazelton says he doesn't feel any added pressure. The Rays have taken the first two games of their series against the AL leading White Sox.

Baseball Daily
  • More speculation, this time from Lloyd McClendon, about the health of Oliver Perez.
    With young kids, you never know. I know when I was a player and someone would ask if I was fine, I'd say, 'Yeah.' There could be some minor aches and pains. You never know. I have to admit that, with the control as it is right now, I wonder sometimes if he is 100 percent."
  • Mike Cameron has played 5 games this year. He's batting .526/.625/1.000.

  • From Monday's Notes:
    Even with their outstanding pitching, the Braves don't have the answers for what it takes to pitch successfully in Coors Field. ``It's difficult. We don't get a feel for this place because we only come here three games a year,'' Cox said.
  • Before his last start, I commented on Brandon Backe's road woes. Since he's throwing in Miami tonight, let's update the stats.
    2004-current, AWAY:
    19 games, 8 starts, 1-4, 45.2, 70H, 40R, 39ER, 8HR, 18BB, 30K
    That's a 7.69 ERA and a 1.93 WHIP.
    He's only pitched 2.1 career innings against Florida, all in relief.

  • With yesterday's 2-1 win, the Astros are now 2-14 on the road this year.
    Florida comes into tonight's game 8-3 when following a loss.

  • Brian Lawrence career at Great American:
    0-2, 9.1, 16H, 13R, 11ER, 2HR, 6BB, 8K

  • Carlos Beltran career at Wrigley Field:
    28/55, 19R, 8HR, 17RBI, 7/0SB, .506/.597/1.036
    Beltran has never faced Greg Maddux.

  • Derrek Lee is 0 for 14 against Kris Benson, with 9 K's.

  • Vicente Padilla career at Miller Park:
    0-1, 10.0, 11H, 9ER, 1HR, 4BB, 11K

  • The Brewers are hitting .300 against RHP in their last 10 (.290 vs LHP).
    The Phillies are hitting .211 against RHP in their last 10.

  • John Thompson, a Rockie for 5 seasons, has made 50 career starts at Coors:
    15-17, 293.1, 5.80, 1.51, .302
    He also spent a year with the Rangers. His career numbers at Arlington:
    6-7, 106.2, 5.32, 1.39, .295
    The other two teams he's played for, NYM and ATL, play in pitcher's parks and his numbers their indicate he's better off away from Colorado and Texas.

  • Jason Jennings career at Coors:
    24-14, 287.2, 5.73, 1.77, .313

  • Atlanta is 8-3 in game two's, 5-0 following a loss.
    Colorado is 3-7 in game two's, 1-2 following a win.
    Over is 8-1-1 in Timmons' last 10 BHP.
    Too bad the line is 12.5

  • Kirk Sarloos this season:
    HOME: 0-2, 19.0, 7.58, 1.79, .288
    AWAY: 1-0, 1.11, 2.38, 0.79, .195
    Those two road starts were against Baltimore and Anaheim.

  • Bronson Arroyo last year:
    HOME: 3-5, 75.2, 5.35, 1.51, .291
    AWAY: 7-4, 103.0, 3.06, 1.01, .214
    And this year he's continued that trend:
    HOME: 0-0, 12.2, 4.26, 1.74, .309
    AWAY: 4-0, 27.0, 2.67, 0.81, .188
    The Red Sox may not have Manny Ramirez tonight either.

  • The White Sox are hitting .306 this year off LHP, .314 on the road, and .315 in their last 10.

  • Texas is 8-3 in game two's this year, 6-1 following a loss.
    Detroit is 5-6 in game two's this year, 2-4 following a win.

Baseball Daily
  • A great piece from Will Carroll about SI's Top 20 pitchers in pictures. Carroll fires a few warning shots towards Jake Peavy and Josh Beckett, and adds this interesting note on Brett Myers:
    His head is horrible, his arm overextended, his knee short of 90 and his foot up at release. He's sure pitching well for someone as messed up as this picture looks.
    Also, take a look at the picture of Jeremy Bonderman. Awesome. Carroll likens his delivery to Clemens, and to me, that's what most dominant right handed power pitchers look like; from Oswalt to Seaver.

  • Aaron Heilman home versus away this season:
    HOME: 3-0, 19.1, 0.47, 0.47, .068
    AWAY: 0-2, 15.0, 9.00, 1.93, .365
    But in 2004:
    HOME: 1-1, 14.2, 6.14, 1.84, .316
    AWAY: 0-2, 13.1, 4.72, 0.98, .188
    In 2003, Heilman was just bad everywhere.

  • The Cubs have Ryan Demptser listed as their starter for Monday night's game, but he was warming up in the ninth inning of Sunday's game to come in to close for Carlos Zambrano. Zambrano ended up finishing the game, but it's likely the Dempster's move the to bullpen is solid for now.

  • The Mets have lost their last 6 games at Wrigley Field.

  • The Astros have now lost 6 in a row, they're 1-14 on the road, and they're 4-7 in series openers. They've scored an average of 1.5 runs per start for Clemens and the under has come in 5 out of 6 in his starts.

  • Odalis Perez has not faced the Cardinals since in 2003:
    1-1, 8.2, 11.42, 2.19, .350
    Career at Busch:
    2-0, 10.0, 8.10, 1.80, .356
    Not surprisingly, the big hitters against Perez are:
    Pujols- 6/10, 2HR
    Rolen- 6/11, 2HR
    Sanders- 4/15, 1HR

  • Mark Mulder has faced the Dodgers just once, in 2001. He pitched a 6 hit shutout at home (Oakland) against them.

  • Tim Hudson has never faced the Rockies.
    In 7 career starts in Arlington (the next best thing):
    2-3, 40.2, 5.53, 1.65, .275
    Of course, the hitters in Texas have been better than what's in Colorado these days.

  • Last year during his only start against the Braves (in Atlanta), Jamey Wright gave up 6 runs in 5 innings.
    Wright's career record at Coors:
    13-18, 322.0, 6.85, 1.75, .323
    He was better last year there:
    7 starts, 0-0, 40.2, 3.98, 1.45, .270
    But this year, he's struggled at home:
    0-2, 10.1, 13.94, 2.23, .422

  • The Giants face another LHP on Monday. For the year, they're batting .314 against LHPs, .366 at home, and .313 in their last 10. They're only 6-4 in games played againt a left handed starter,

  • Mark Redman has made one career start at Pac Bell; it came in 2004:
    0-1, 6.0, 6H, 7R, 4HR, 5BB, 1K
    Bonds was 2/3 with 2HR against him.

  • Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau detoryed the Devil Rays over the weekend, even though both of them sat out Saturday's game. Morneau ended up pinch hitting (3 run homer) but here's each of their lines for the weekend:
    Mauer 6/9, 4R, 2HR, 4RBI, 1SB
    Morneau 6/10, 3R, 2HR, 8RBI

  • Last year, Gil Meche lasted just 0.2 innings in his only appearance at Yankee Stadium.
    But in 2003, Meche made two excellent starts there:
    2-0, 15.2, 8H, 1R, 1HR, 3BB, 11K
    He's been working on changing speeds a little bit more, and he's had two decent starts in a row.

  • Seatte is still hitting poorly against LHP: .203 on the year, .173 on the road, and .176 in their last 10.
    Today, they face the Unit.

  • The Blue Jays are now 5-9 at home, and they have been swept in three of their last four home series (BAL, NYY, CWS).

  • The Devil Rays lineup is in dire need of a homerun threat. As Aubrey Huff continues to stuggle, he comes into Monday night's game 6 for 17 with 2 homers lifetime off of Freddy Garcia.

  • Tampa is 2-9 in series openers, 0-5 after a loss. They are 5-15 after any loss, and they've lost 3 in a row. The White Sox are 10-1 in series openers and 13-4 on the road. They are hitting just .239 against RHPs this year, .200 against RHP in their last 10.

  • Chris Young career at home:
    2-4, 41.2, 6.05, 1.44, .275
    On the road, he's been much better:
    4-0, 27.0, 1.67, 1.22, .236

  • In their last 10 games, the Phillies are hitting .211 against RHPs. The Brewers are hitting .333 against LHPs over that same stretch.

  • The Nationals/Expos have won 9 straight games against the DBacks.

Baseball Daily
  • In Johan Santana's 6 hit complete game against Tampa Bay on Friday night, he threw just 92 pitches. Even more impressive, only 14 of those were called balls. That's an 82.6% strike rate.

  • I picked Washington to beat the Giants yesterday mostly because I had a feeling that there is something wrong with Jason Schmidt. After watching the game, there's no doubt that the Giants should be worried about him. His fastball topped 91 mph, down about 5 mph. And he clearly knew he didn't have it, as he threw a ton of changeups in fastball counts. From yesterday's notes:
    Ace Jason Schmidt hasn't won since April 10 at Colorado, a span of five starts. But he insists he isn't hurt. "I have no command. It's very frustrating,'' said Schmidt, who allowed six runs and six hits and walked six in 3 2-3 innings. ``Fatigue would be my best guess. I'm throwing pitches with nothing on them. When you have no command on top of that, it makes for a very frustrating afternoon. I feel healthy. There's nothing the matter with me. But it's getting worse every time out."
  • Shawn Chacon walked 9 batters on Saturday, making that 16 in his last two starts, and 20 in his last three.

  • Also from Saturday's Notes:
    RHP Kelvim Escobar won the Angels' Kentucky Derby pool when 50-1 shot Giacomo beat 19 other horses. "When we picked them yesterday," Escobar said. "one of the guys said, `Oh, you have no chance at 50-1.' I told him, `Hey, you never know. The horse is in there for some reason.' Let's wait and see what happens.' When I came in today from the parking lot, one of the security guys had the TV on. I asked them who won and he told me, `Aw, some horse that was like 50-1.' And I said, `That might be me.'"
  • My favorite day/night pitcher, Jeff Francis, goes on Sunday against the Marlins.
    Francis' career numbers now:
    DAY: 4-0, 40.0, 2.70, 1.38, .269
    NIGHT: 1-3, 25.1, 8.88, 1.82, .302

  • Colorado is 0-6 in game three's, 1-15 on the road, and losers of their last 10 games overall.
    Florida is 3-3 in game three's.

  • Joel Pineiro career at Fenway:
    0-2, 11.0, 7.36, 1.82, .289
    Ramirez is 9/17, 3HR against him.
    Ortiz us 6/16, 2HR against him.
    Pineiro faces Jeremi Gonzalez in the opener today.

  • Wade Miller starts the second game for Boston. He reportedly was hitting 96 mph during his last rehab start. A career NLer, Miller has only made one previous start in Fenway.
    His opponent, Ryan Franklin has made three appearances there:
    1-1, 16.1, 5.51, 1.65, .324

  • Despite Mussina's 5-0 shutout on Saturday, the Yankees still aren't hitting.
    Their team batting average in their last five games:
    .167, .171, .219, .278, .194
    They're also 1-7 in game three's this year. Oakland is 6-2. Oakland has also played 20 of their 30 games under the total. The weather report in NY today is cloudy, 52 degrees and windy.

  • Mark Buehrle is 3-0 at day this year, 5-0 last year.
    He's only made two career starts at Skydome:
    0-1, 13.0, 4.85, 1.23, .235
    11-6, 118.1, 4.79, 1.38, .286

  • Chicago (AL) is 3-5 in game three's, but 2-0 in their last two game three's.

  • One of the hottest hitters right now, Mike Sweeney, is 6/9 with 1 HR lifetime against today's starter, Rodrigo Lopez.
    Brian Anderson career at Camden:
    2-2, 26.1, 4.78, 1.41, .280
    Baltimore is hitting .284 this year against LHP. .215 against them at home, and .250 in their last 10.

  • Jake Westbrook, a sinker ball pitcher, has made one career start at Arlington:
    1-0, 6.2, 7H, 2R, 1BB, 2K

  • Joy Mays career at Tropicana:
    0-2, 11.0, 11.45, 2.09, .375
    Against TB, career:
    0-2, 28.2, 7.85, 1.67, .319
    He's the kind of pitcher who's around the strike zone a lot.
    The kind of pitcher that the aggressive Tampa Bay hitters do well against.

  • Jarrod Washburn career versus DET:
    4-1, 42.2, 3.80, 1.15, .215
    Anaheim is hitting just .213 this year versus LHP. 9 of the last 10 for both the Angels and the Tigers have gone under the total.

  • Kip Wells career at Bank One:
    0-1, 11.1, 5.56, 1.68, .313

  • Arizona has Brad Halsey going today, a young lefty I really like.
    In 4 games at Bank One:
    2-0, 24.0, 2.25, 1.00, .233
    He also went 7 strong inning last week against SF, a team that has killed LHPs so far.


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