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Light today, in honor of draft day.

  • Brad Penny will start tomorrow in Coors.

  • Eric Bedard career vs TOR:
    2 starts, 0-1, 6.1, 12.79, 2.37, .321

  • Toronto is batting .315 against LHPs this season.

  • David Bush at Skydome:
    9 starts, 4-1, 57.0, 3.00, 1.23, .237
    Career on the road:
    10 starts, 1-5, 54.2, 5.43, 1.30, .282
    Also, LHBs are hitting .293 against Bush while RHBs are hitting .211. Mora, Tejada, Sosa, Lopez, the heart of the Orioles order, all right handed.

  • Chan Ho Park has been a little better this year.
    In one career start at Yankee Stadium, he threw:
    1-0, 6.0, 7H, 2R, 1BB, 6K
    Giambi- 5/9
    Jeter- 1/3
    Martinez- 2/5, 2HR
    Posada- 0/2
    Sheffield- 0/6
    Womack- 11/45, 1HR

  • Jaret Wright at Yankee Stadium:
    1-2, 18.2, 11.57, 2.30, .373
    That may be in part because LHBs are hitting .297 off Wright.

  • Randy Wolf at Turner:
    4-4, 57.0, 4.26, 1.42, .243
    Estrada- 3/6
    Franco- 5/16
    Furcal- 8/35
    Giles- 3/13
    A. Jones- 7/43, 1HR
    C. Jones- 12/36, 3HR
    Jordan- 3/18
    Mondesi- 6/10

  • Tim Hudson BvsP shows that even though he's never faced the Phillies, Jim Thome has gone 7/13 with 4HRs against him. But check the boxscore to see if Thome is playing.

  • Atlanta is hitting .290 vs LHP, Philadelphia is hitting .286 vs RHB.
    The Phillies are 3-3 in game twos, 0-3 after a win, 3-0 after a loss.
    The Braves are 3-3 in game twos, 1-3 after a win, 2-0 after a loss.
    Atlanta beat Philly 6-2 yesterday.

  • Odalis Perez at Coors:
    3-3, 39.1, 6.18, 1.55, .331
    Barnes- 4/6
    Gonzalez- 5/12
    Helton- 16/35
    Holliday- 2/4
    Miles- 2/7
    Wilson- 2/15

  • Peavy at Bank One:
    1-4, 21.2, 11.22, 2.03, .315
    But last year he was better:
    1-0, 6.0, 3.00, 0.83, .182

Baseball Daily

Late Edition today, due to the extra stats. I'm determined not to fall after going 7 for 7 in picks yesterday.

  • Add Carlos Zambrano to the blister watch.

  • Torii Hunter is 9 for 9 is stolen bases this season. Before this season, he was 73 for 102 (71.5%). Last night, he was two for two, but both SBs came after he was essentially picked off.

  • Buster Olney makes a good point saying that Rich Harden "is Oakland's best pitcher right now, and might rank among the handful of pitchers who rank just behind Johan Santana as the league's best."

  • WAS at NYM
  • Esteban Loaiza BvsP vs NYM:
    Beltran- 10/24
    Floyd- 4/11
    Mientkiewicz- 7/24, 1HR
    Piazza- 6/14, 1HR

    Loaiza career at Shea:
    0-0, 14.2, 7.98, 1.77, .350

  • CIN at FLA
  • A.J. Burnett BvsP vs CIN:
    Casey- 10/15
    Dunn- 1/8
    Griffey- 3/9
    Kearns- 1/3
    Randa- 1/3

  • PHI at ATL
  • The only two Braves that are hitting right now, Furcal and Giles, are a combined 10/27 against Brett Myers.

    Mike Hampton BvsP vs PHI:
    Abreu- 6/43
    Burrell- 3/26
    Lieberthal- 8/35, 1HR
    Polanco- 17/45
    Rollins- 8/32
    Thome- 5/21, 2HR

    Myers and Hampton faced each other on 4.17.05 in Philly, where the Phillies won 2-1 in the 10th inning. The game was 0-0 after nine.

  • HOU at STL
  • Jason Marquis BvsP vs HOU:
    Bagwell- 7/17
    Biggio- 5/14
    Ensberg- 4/4
    Everett- 4/11
    Lamb- 1/10, 1HR
    Lane- 3/4

  • LAD at COL
  • Note: The Rockies split 10 home games against the Dodgers last year, with four of the losses by two runs or fewer.

    Jeff Weaver has never pitched at Coors or against the Rockies.
    Interesting to note that at Bank One Ballpark, Weaver's line is:
    3 starts, 0-0, 19.2, 2.75, 1.12, .257

    Jason Jennings career at Coors:
    23-14, 278.2, 5.88, 1.78, .314
    Jennings BvsP:
    Bradley- 0/5
    Choi- 1/3
    Drew- 1/2
    Izturis- 9/22
    Kent- 10/23, 2HR

  • SD at ARZ
  • Tim Redding career at Bank One:
    0-2, 9.0, 9R, 7ER, 7.00, 2.11, .390

  • MIL at SF
  • Reuter career vs MIL:
    8-1, 71.0, 1.90, 1.10, .194

  • TEX at NYY
  • Chris Young is a decent prospect who's struggled in Arlington, but he's fared well on the road:
    2-0, 15.2, 2.30, 1.09, .226

    He's never faced anyone on the current Yankee roster.

    Kevin Brown BvsP:
    Dellucci- 7/17, 1HR
    Hidalgo- 2/6
    Nix- 3/8
    Soriano- 4/8, 1HR
    Teixeira- 3/9, 1HR
    Young- 4/9

    There is also rain in the forecast.

  • BAL at TOR
  • Daniel Cabrera in one appearance at Skydome:
    3.2 innings, 8 hits, 7 runs, 3 walks, 6 strikeouts, .421 opp BA.
    Interesting that if you take away the 6 Ks and assume the other 5 outs were made in play, Cabrera had 8 of 13 balls in play go for hits.

    Josh Towers career opponent BA is .301.
    At Skydome, it's .315.
    Against the Orioles, it's .344
    Towers BvsP:
    Bigbie- 8/12
    Gibbons- 3/12
    Lopez- 4/14, 1HR
    Mora- 6/14, 1HR
    Palmiero- 6/20
    Roberts- 7/14
    Tejada- 3/26, 1HR

  • BOS at TB
  • Kazmir vs Wakefield again tonight.
    Kaz had that great game against Boston last year and the Red Sox are still only hitting .221 against lefties this season.
    Wakefield has amazing career numbers in Tropicana Field but Carl Crawford owns him and some of the newer Rays like Phelps, Johnson, and Lee hit well against him.

  • CHW at KC
  • The WhiteSox are 6-0 in games one, 6-0 in games two, and 0-4 in games three of their series this season.

    Freddy Garcia career at Kaufman:
    2-3, 33.0, 6.82, 1.73, .352
    Beltran contributed a lot to that, going 12/28 with 3 HRs against Freddy.
    Mike Sweeney is 15/32 lifetime against him, with 2 HRs.

    Hernandez has experience against 8 WhiteSox.
    Half of those 8 are hittine .385 or higher against him and the other half are at .200 or .286.

  • CLE at SEA
  • Seattle is hitting a surprisingly low .228 against LHP this season, given the two big RHBs they added.

    Sabathia hasn't faced Beltre before. And Sexson is just 1/3 against him. Ichiro is batting .440 in 25 ABs against C.C.

    Meche's career opponent BA at SAFECO is .239.
    Casey Blake is 3/8 with a HR against him.
  • Finally, Wade Boggs speaks.

Baseball Daily
  • Great stuff from George Will about Greg Maddux:
    Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci collects such stories demonstrating Maddux's knowledge of hitters. Four times in one season, Maddux, while in the dugout, warned the man sitting next to him that the batter would line a foul into the dugout. Three times the batter did. Another time Maddux said on the bench: "Watch this. The first-base coach may be going to the hospital." The batter lined the next pitch off the coach's chest. Once with runners on second and third and two outs, Maddux's manager suggested an intentional walk. "Don't worry," said Maddux, explaining that on the third of his next pitches the batter would pop out foul to third. Maddux was wrong: The pop was a few feet fair.
  • Nomar has a groin rupture. Out 2-3 months.

  • Need a second baseman? Jerry Hairston is going to be counted on heavily in Chicago now.

  • Baseball Musings comments on Oliver Perez:
    Oliver Perez still has not found his control. He only lasted four innings tonight, throwing 92 pitches, forty four for balls. He's now walked 16 batters in 19 innings pitched. Perez was a huge strength for the Pirates last year; now he's turning into the weak link in the rotation. With 11 reaching base by a hit or a walk, he's lucky he only allowed three runs tonight.
    Also of note is that Perez's velocity is down to around 90 mph.

  • Zach Grienke:
    Zack Greinke threw some experimental knuckleballs on the sideline before the game. Greinke has done that before, although he again stressed he's not close to using the pitch in games.
    “It's not very good,” he said. “For one thing, my fingernails are too long.”
    Pitching coach Guy Hansen isn't so sure.
    “That guy,” Hansen said, “can do anything he wants with a baseball.”
  • Stephen Drew, the DBacks' 2004 first round pick, signed with Camden of the Independent League.

  • Lance Berkman could begin rehab assignment as soon as this weekend.

  • Mark Buerhle during day games:
    24-12, 343.0, 3.59, 1.21, .254
    At Comerica:
    3-4, 60.2, 3.56, 1.10, .233

    All three of Jeremy Bonderman's starts this season have been during the day.
    Over his entire career, Bonderman's day stats are slightly better than his night stats.

  • All three of John Smoltz's starts this season have been during the day.
    Over his entire career, Smoltz's day stats are slightly better than his night stats.
    He's also 0-3 this season, despite pitching two very good games.
    The Braves end a 7 game road trip today in Washington.

  • All three of Jon Lieber's starts this season have been during the day.
    Over his entire career, Lieber's day stats are slightly better than his night stats.
    He faces a 4-10 Colorado team that is coming off back to back wins and also won its first road game of the season last night.

  • Ryan Dempster at Busch:
    1-3, 35.1, 7.13, 1.84, .320

  • Pedro Martinez career at Pro Player:
    2-1, 24.0, 1.88, 1.08, .200

  • Jason Schmidt career vs Arizona"
    10-6, 138.1, 3.12, 1.16, .217

Baseball Daily
  • Brad Penny threw 79 pitches at AAA Las Vegas on Monday. He reportedly threw 97 mph and could start this weekend for the Dodgers.

  • A player to key an eye on is Tigers outfielder Nook Logan. He's played 5 full games so far (9 total) and 8 for 19 in those games. But his real asset is speed and Alan Trammell thinks Nook can swipe 50-plus.

  • A move that I've long hoped to see, Carl Crawford may hit third in the DRays' lineup. Crawford is a better hitter when he's agressive and all attempts to improve CC's OBP have been unsuccessful. He will hit .300+ and he'll get better as he becomes more selective, but he's not a guy who likes to walk and as a result the Rays should look elsewhere for their leadoff hitter. It's not like they don't have options. Alex Sanchez, Joey Gathright.... teach those guys to take a walk. They'll do anything to keep a MLB job. When Rocco comes back, hit him second, CC third, and Huff fourth and that's a great lefty - righty swtich. When Upton and Young come up, it'll only get better.

  • Other Rays news, go sign the petition at vincemustgo.com.

  • Don't lose sight of Gil Meche just yet. His struggles this season have been mechanical. His elbow feels better after his last start and he still has nasty stuff.

  • Another guy who needs to hit somewhere besides leadoff is Corey Patterson. He and Crawford are similar hitters and Corey has been seeing more time hitting 2nd and 3rd lately.

  • Peter Gammons brought up a interesting point last night about Randy Johnson. This is the first season that RJ's opened a season in cold weather.

  • Oakland at Seattle
  • Joel Pinero career at SAFECO:
    339.2 innings, 2.99 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, .228 BA

    Pinero BvsP:
    Byrnes- 1/8
    Chavez- 5/22, 1HR
    Durazo- 1/12
    Ellis- 4/16
    Hatteberg- 4/15
    Kendall- 0/4
    Kotsay- 1/5

    Pinero didn't pitch well in his first start of the season but even as he struggled all of 2004, opponents still only batted .239 at home against him.

    Barry Zito pitched well enough to win in his last outing, at home against Anaheim, but now he's not only back on the road, but back at SAFECO where he's pitched surprisingly bad:
    8 starts, 1-2, 5.24, 1.54, .274

    Zito BvsP:
    Beltre- 1/3
    Boone- 12/41, 1HR
    Ibanez- 4/23, 1HR
    Sexson- 0/3
    Suzuki- 18/48
    Winn- 6/30

  • Texas at Tampa Bay
  • Ryan Dreese has given up 83 hits in 59.0 career indoor innings.
    He put up better numbers against Tampa Bay last season (2.21 ERA) but 2 of his 3 starts against the Rays were in Texas.

    The Devil Rays will start John Webb on Thursday. Webbs will come in on an extra day's rest after being held out of his scheduled AAA start Tuesday. There isn't much info for Webb online other than he's a 6'3 right hander who broke his ankle and missed most 03-04.

  • Boston at Baltimore
  • David Wells has a decent history against Baltimore and at Camden Yards:
    vs Bal- 13-10, 4.06, 1.21, .270
    at Camden- 12-11, 3.51, 1.13, .260
    But Wells' BvsP is shaky:
    Gibbons- 5/19, 1HR
    Lopez- 3/6
    Mora- 8/26, 1HR
    Roberts- 4/20
    Sosa- 3/10
    Surhoff- 19/53, 1HR
    Tejada- 10/29, 4HR

    Meanwhile, Bruce Chen has been good this year, and great at Camden: 2-0, 3.04, 0.97, .205
    Chen's never faced Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz.

    Baltimore is batting .304 against lefties this year. Boston is batting .235 against lefties this year.

  • Javier Vazquez career at Pac Bell:
    3 starts, 1-1, 2.89, 1.39, .284

  • Carlos Zambrano at Busch Stadium:
    3 starts, 0-1, 21.0, 0.43, 1.19, .203
    The Cubs are 1-4 in series openers.
    St. Louis is 5-0 in series openers.

  • Oliver Perez at Great American:
    4 starts, 2-0, 1.80, 1.00, .187

Baseball Daily
  • FishStripes is taking issue with all of the Marlins' complete games.
    For example, both of Dontrelle Willis' complete games have come in blowouts. It probably wasn't necessary to have Dontrelle on the mound for all nine innings in both cases. Those innings instead could have been used to help sort out roles in the bullpen.
    I hope Jack knows what he's doing here. From the outside though it sure seems like the plan is for the pitchers to prove that they're tough guys (and God help the reliever who comes in - relatively unused - from the pen and shows signs of rust, I can't imagine that's going to fly with Trader Jack) and for the lineup to be tweaked after every loss - not to be changed again until the "luck" from the change wears off (i.e. a loss).
    The argument is coming from this Palm Beach Post story where McKeon defends his decisions with this key statement:
    "What's the big deal? If one guys throws 100 pitches in five innings, why can't the other guy throw 108 through nine?"
    One could argue that the 100 pitches in 5 innings is worse for the arm than if that it's spread out over 9 innings.

    So what really is the concern?

    As Al Leiter points out:
    "I've never seen anything like this in my career," said Al Leiter, who began playing in 1987.
    That doesn't mean it's bad.
    McKeon and his staff should be applauded for getting these pitchers to throw strikes.
    Challenge hitters.
    Josh Beckett, A.J. Burnett, Dontrelle Willis, Al Leiter.
    Throw strikes.

    Becket's pitch counts to strikes this year: 81- 54, 110- 78, 108- 64.
    Burnett: 105- 70. 103- 71, 86- 55.
    Willis: 86- 57, 114- 74, 97- 66.
    Leiter: 104- 62, 114- 62, 95- 57.

    This is a good thing, all these complete games.

  • Prior to his last start, Roy Halladay had thrown 29.1 innings in Arlington and he had a 9.20 ERA there. Then, on April 14th, he five hit the Rangers over nine innings in their own park. Tonight, Roy will face another tough challenge as his Jays travel to Fenway Park. Halladay's career numbers there:
    4 starts, 1-2, 22.2, 9.13, 1.63, .323

  • I can't believe it, but it's time to start thinking about picking up Pedro Astacio. He's dominating his third straight start.

  • Since I couldn't find this yesterday when I needed it, may it be known that the Boston Red Sox are now 62-48 on Patriot's Day.

  • Edgar Renteria is hitting .321 at Fenway. Six of his nine hits there have been for extra bases.

Venezuelan Born Major League Baseball Players

Watching this great play made by Marco Scutaro over the weekend capped off a week of me noticing that there are many great Venezuelan born baseball players in the Major Leagues today.

So I decided to look more into it:

  • The Dominican Republic is known as the #1 non-U.S. source for MLB talent. Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero, Adrian Beltre, and Miguel Tejada are all Dominican-born players.

  • The Domician Republic has 8,833,634 residents occupying 48,380 square kilometers of land. Earlier this month, there were 91 players on Opening Day rosters who were born in the DR.

  • Venezuela has 25,017,387 residents occupying 882,050 square kilometers of land. On Opening Day, there were 46 Venezuelan born players on MLB rosters.

  • Last season, MLB also noted that 803 of 2,914 foreign born minor league baseball players were from Venezuela. 1,442 were Dominican born.

  • Venezuela borders the Caribbean Sea, on the northern coast of South America.

  • Baseball-Reference.com has a list of 169 current and past Major League Baseball players who were born in Venezuela. They do note "that this information is not complete and some player's birthplace information is either unknown or unentered."

  • Here's a table of all active Venezuelan-born MLBers, as of Opening Day:

    Bobby Abreu, Philadelphia Omar Infante, Detroit
    Edgardo Alfonzo, San Francisco Cesar Izturis, Los Angeles
    Wilson Alvarez, Los Angeles Maicer Izturis, LA Angels of Anaheim
    Machado Anderson, Cincinnati Jorge Julio, Baltimore
    Tony Armas, Washington Wilfredo Ledezma, Detroit
    Rafael Betancourt, Cleveland Victor Martinez, Cleveland
    Henry Blanco, Chicago (NL) Melvin Mora, Baltimore
    Miguel Cabrera, Florida Ray Olmedo, Cincinnati
    Miguel Cairo, New York (NL) Magglio Ordoñez, Detroit
    Giovanni Carrara, Los Angeles Eddie Perez, Atlanta
    Marcos Carvajal, Colorado Tomas Perez, Philadelphia
    Jose Castillo, Pittsburgh Juan Rincon, Minnesota
    Roger Cedeño, St. Louis Luis Rivas, Minnesota
    Gustavo Chacin, Toronto Juan Rivera, LA Angels of Anaheim
    Raul Chavez, Houston Francisco Rodriguez, LA Angels of Anaheim
    Alex Escobar, Washington Johan Santana, Minnesota
    Kelvim Escobar, LA Angels of Anaheim Marco Scutaro, Oakland
    Freddy Garcia, Chicago (AL) Carlos Silva, Minnesota
    Alex Gonzalez, Florida Yorvit Torrealba, San Francisco
    Luis A. Gonzalez, Colorado Ugueth Urbina, Detroit
    Carlos Guillen, Detroit Omar Vizquel, San Francisco
    Ramon Hernandez, San Diego Carlos Zambrano, Chicago (NL)
    Richard Hidalgo, Texas Victor Zambrano, New York (NL)

  • Abreu, Mora, and Ordonez are all veteran stars in the Majors Leagues.
    But look also at some of the younger players who could end up being just as big as Pujols, Pedro, and Sammy.
    Victor Martinez is 26 years old; Miguel Cabrera is 22; Carlos Zambrano is 23; and Johan Santana is also 26.
    There's also Francisco Rodriguez, 23; Gustavo Chacin, 24; and Dioner Navarro, 21.

Baseball Daily
  • Pitchers with blisters equals bad. Now Johan Santana has one:
    He left Jacobs Field on Friday with his left middle finger still bothering him, but he indicated that he wasn't worried about it.
  • Gavin Floyd will move to the bullpen when Vicente Padilla comes off the DL on Tuesday.

  • Ken Griffey, Jr. has not yet hit a home run this season. Griffey also failed to hit a HR during 48 spring training at-bats, and he has gone 35 without one during the season. In 1991, he didn't homer until his 45th at-bat, his longest season-opening drought.

  • J.T. Snow was 5/14 with 1 HR last season against Jake Peavy and Snow holds a .409 average with 2 HRs in 22 career at bats against the Padres RHP.

  • Kerry Wood career versus CIN:
    18 starts, 12-3, 2.74, 1.09, .187, 155K in 121.1 innings
    At Great American:
    5 starts, 4-0, 3.34, 0.94, .169, 44K in 35.0 innings.

  • St. Louis at Pittsburgh:
  • Mark Mulder BvsP vs Pittsburgh:
    Bay- 0/4
    Lawton- 5/29
    Santiago- 3/16
    Ward- 1/6
    C Wilson- 1/6
    J Wilson- 1/4

  • Mulder vs PIT:
    2 starts, 2-0, 14.1, 3.14, 0.91, .173, 10 K
    At PNC Park:
    1 start, 1-0, 6.1, 5H, 2R, 1HR, 2BB, 3K

  • Pujols is 4 for his last 11 with 2 HRs. Rolen is 6 for his last 9 with 2 HRs. Both face LHP Dave WIlliams today.

  • Pujols is a career .388 at PNC. In 33 games there, his OPS is 1.221, fourth best among all other MLB parks over Pujols' career.

  • St. Louis is 4-0 in series openers so far. Pittsurgh is 1-3.


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