Baseball Daily
  • The Dodgers, and all of MLB, honored Jackie Robinson last night. He played his first game with the Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

  • Wow, Roy Halladay:
    Halladay (2-0) started the night with a 9.20 ERA in six career appearances at the Rangers' hitter-friendly ballpark, but he was in control as he struck out nine and walked one in his third start.

    ``It's nice to go long in a close game,'' Halladay said. ``This has always been a tough lineup for me. I haven't figured them out but I had a better idea than I had in the past.''
  • Brandon Inge started the season batting ninth for the Tigers, but on Thursday, he was in the leadoff spot. Inge is hitting .333 through nine games.

  • The Indians are batting .154 against LHPs so far this season.

  • Carl Pavano BvsP versus Baltimore:
    Lopez- 7/16, 2HR
    Palmeiro- 3/4
    Sosa- 5/15, 2 HR

    Melvin Mora hit the ball well last night too. He may be finally breaking out of his slump.

  • Josh Beckett BvsP versus NYM:
    Floyd- 2/14, 1HR
    Piazza- 3/15
    Wright- 0/5

    Beckett's never faced Carlos Beltran.

  • Roy Oswalt is 12-0 lifetime against the Reds.
    He beat them 5-2 on the 10th.
    But Roy's numbers at Great American aren't great.
    3 starts, 3-0, 19.2, 5 HR, 4.12, 1.42, .301 BA

  • BEACH PICKS broken down:
    AL- 12-5
    NL- 8-6
    o/u- 2-2

Baseball Daily
  • Three home teams playing today to avoid being swept.
    Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

    Home teams this season in that position are 6-0.

  • Seattle at Kansas City:
    Moyer in day games last season:
    13 games, 12 starts, 0-7, 74.2, 87 H, 25 BB, 47 K, 6.15, 1.50, .291 BA
    Moyer's career numbers in day games, however, are consistent with his overall performance.

    Moyer versus KC last season:
    1 game, 0-1, 5.1, 6 H, 5 BB, 3 K, 8.44, 2.06, .286 BA
  • C.C. Sabathia is scheduled to start on Sunday against Minnesota.

  • The Marcus Giles saga continues:
    Giles told MLB.com that the knee only hurts for the first few steps when he runs, and the joint only bothers him after roughly 40 swings in batting practice. "I hope I don't take 40 swings in a game, because that's a lot of strikeouts."
  • Vlad Guerrero was the Angels' DH last night. He left early after being hit with a thrown ball while stealing third base. Mike Scioscia said Guerrero should be ready to play in right field by Friday.

  • Joe Randa is doing more for the Reds than his .448 average shows. Wednesday's game ending double play was a great individual effort on the part of Randa to reach up to grab Pujols' grounder, touch third, and throw to first to end the game. Hard to believe, but Randa has got to be one of the NL's MVPs so far this season.

  • Some nice words from A's Nation about Joe Blanton:
    Smokin Joe Blanton was exactly that tonight. And he'll be that way all season, at least with his control. I went to a River Cats game last season when he threw close to 100 pitches and about 82 of them were strikes.

    Sometimes he's gonna miss location in the zone and get killed like Reed Johnson did to him tonight. But he will by and large be around the zone. Sometimes with men on base, that's going to hurt him with three-run bombs. But he's almost like a right-handed Mark Mulder in that sense. Well, the old Mulder. He throws a variety of pitches and is usually in the strike zone somewhere. That may change a bit as he tries to be more fine in the majors. But it was his MO in the minors. And hopefully he continues to go right after hitters.
  • Orioles at Devil Rays:
    Ponson has a long history against Tampa and his numbers are strong.
    3.71 ERA, 1.24 WHIP in 126.0 innings
    But Ponson is just 6-6 in 18 career starts against TB.
    At Tropicana Field, Ponson is 5-3 in 12 starts and a 3.36 ERA, 1.22 WHIP.

    Bell's career numbers at the Trop are pretty bad:
    21 starts, 5-6, 5.17 ERA, 1.46 WHIP
    Against Baltimore, overall:
    4 starts, 2-1, 4.18 ERA, 1.23 WHIP

    Bell's been throwing more strikes this year. He had a good spring and a good first outing.

    Tonight will be a good test to see if he is truly a better pitcher now than he has been in years past.
    Bell's career BvsP:
    Gibbons- 2/5, 1 HR
    Lopez- 3/11
    Matos- 2/8
    Mora- 0/8
    Palmiero- 3/8
    Roberts- 5/11
    Sosa- 5/15, 1 HR
    Tejada- 11/32
  • Blue Jays at Rangers:
    Halladay has always had a homerun problem.
    At Arlington, he's:
    5 starts, 1-2, 29.1 innings, 9.20 ERA, 1.70 WHIP, .309 BA.
    Halladay has given up 6 homeruns in 6 career games there.

    Astacio doesn't throw as hard as he did a couple of years ago, but he was a very good 'pitcher' on April 9 against Seattle.

Baseball Daily
  • I just noticed that Aaron Gleeman is picking games at the bottom of his daily posts. He's a Twins homer, and went against them last night. But so far this season, Gleeman is 10-5 and +600; translated to my cheap, $10 scoring system, would be +60. Gleeman writes some good stuff for The Hardball Times and I've linked his pieces before.

  • One more thing from Gleeman, he notes that the Twins "have a -12 run differential in the first inning" so far this season.

  • I was hoping to see Peavy matched up against Prior again today, but the Cubs are sending Kerry Wood out against Jake. Smart move for them. Opportunity lost for me.

  • Alex Sanchez is eligible to come off suspension on Thursday. Joey Gathwright has filled in well offensively, but his play in center has been spotty. Last night, for example, Gathwright sailed two throws way high over his intended targets and he let a well hit Sosa single bounce off the field turf and go for a triple.

  • Scott Shields picked up a save last night. Rodriguez was not available because he threw 18 pitches on Monday. KRod threw a lot of winter innings earlier this year, so it's nice to see the Angels are preserving his arm.

  • Vlad Guerrero left last night's game with a knee bruise. He's day to day.

Notes for today's picks:

  • Phillies at Marlins
    Lidle has made 4 appearances at Pro Player Stadium; 2 starts.
    He's 1-0 in 15.2 innings - 13 H, 3 BB, 8 K. 2.87 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, .224 BA.
    13.2 of those innings came last season.

    Lidle has no significant difference over his career between day/night games other than his record. He's 24-14 during the day. 33-37 at night. But last season, he was considerably better during the day.
    7-3, 98.1, 22 BB, 67 K, 3.84, 1.24, .264 BA

    Lidle BvsP:
    Conine- 16/28 (.571), 3 HR against Lidle.
    Cabrera- 2/9 (.222)
    Delgado- 3/13 (.231), 1 HR
    Encarnacion- 2/5 (.400)

    Willis is 4-0 career in 6 April starts. He's just 13-10 at home overall, with numbers near his career average.
    Only 2-1 in 7 career starts against PHI. 46.1, 39 H, 13 BB, 33 K, 2.91, 1.12, .223.
    Last year against PHI: 2-1, 27.2, 24 H, 4 BB, 16 K, 2.28, 1.01, .224.

    Willis has better numbers over his career in day games.
    He's 7-4 overall, 94.2, 26 BB, 93 K, 3.04, 1.17.

    Willis BvsP:
    Abreu- 6/16 (.375)
    Burrell- 6/18 (.333)
    Polanco- 3/21 (.143), 1 HR
    Rollins- 3/20 (.150)
    Thome- 3/16 (.188)

    Phillies are 3-2 on road, 4-4 overall, and this is the last game of a 6 game trip.
    Marlins are 4-4 at home and overall, they leave for NY after this game.

    On Sunday, road teams returning home were 4-3 SU, but all three losses were by 1 one.
    Other teams playing on Wed who are returning home after today. PIT, WAS, CIN, COL.

    PHI bullpen ERA: 6.97
    FLA bullpen ERA: 1.19

    The Marlins have 3 CGs and 3 SO this year (not all same).
    The scores in their games following a CG and/or SO are: 1-2L (13 innings), 2-3L (10 innings), 1-4L.
    Burnett held PHI to 8 hits in 9 innings yesterday. He threw just 103 pitches, using mostly his fastball that was still at 99 mph in the 9th inning.
  • Pirates at Brewers
    Chris Capuano vs RHB:
    27 games, 99.2, 106 H, 21 HR, 44 BB, 81 K, .279 BA.

    PIT vs lefties, (career):
    C. Wilson- .299 (.269)
    Bay- .293 (.282)
    J. Wilson- .282 (.265)
    Wiggington- .267 (.260)
    Lawton- .250 (.269)

    Josh Fogg 4 career games at Miller Park: 1-0, 24.2, 22 H, 7 BB, 13 K, 3.28, 1.18, .234.

    Fogg 10 career games against MIL: 5-2, 61.0, 60 H, 19 BB, 42 K, 3.39, 1.30, .258.

    Fogg BvsP:
    Branyan- 3/10 (.300)
    Clark- 1/6 (.167)
    Helms- 4/9 (.444)
    Jenkins- 11/20, (.550), 3 HR
    D. Miller- 5/9 (.556), 1 HR
    Overbay- 2/7 (.286)
    Spivey- 0/8 (.000)
    I can't decided on who I like here. I was leaning towards PIT due to many factors, but these last BvsP stats are scaring me away.

  • Rockies at DBacks
    Jeff Francis has a 5.98 ERA, a 1.62 WHIP, and a .301 opponent BA in 40.2 career innings. During day games, Francis is 3-0 in 4 starts with a 2.95 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, .267 BA.

    Shawn Estes has a 2-5 record in 8 career starts at Bank One. His ERA there is 6.02, WHIP 1.66, and opponent BA .309.
    Colorado's lost 5 in a row and they're off Thursday, home on Friday.

  • Angels at Rangers
    Byrd has only made 1 career start in Arlington, and he lasted just 3.2 innings, giving up 8 hits and 7 earned runs.
    In his first start of the season, Byrd gave up 6 runs to KC (only 4 earned). Byrd didn't walk anyone, but the ball was in play a lot (9 hits, 9 ground ball outs, 8 fly ball outs).

    Park's career numbers in Texas: 26 starts, 8-10, 145.2, 163 H, 66 BB, 114 K, 6.36, 1.57, .283
    Against Anaheim: 14 starts, 3-6, 78.2, 87, 42, 57, 5.38, 1.64, .282

    Park BvsP:
    Anderson 10/30 (.300), 1 HR
    Cabrera 5/22 (.227)
    Erstad 10/38 (.263)
    Finley 10/53 (.189), 1 HR
    Guerrero 13/38 (.342), 4 HR

    As mentioned above, Guerrero is day to day with a bruised knee.
    The difference maker for me here, is the Rangers have lost both of their home games this season and they will be trying to avoid being swept by Anaheim.

  • Toronto at Oakland
    Bush's only career appearance against the A's came in Oakland. Bush threw 8 innings of 1 hit ball last July against Rich Harden's 8.2 inning 2 hitter. The game ended 1-0 A's in the 14th.

    Left handed batters have a good history against Bush. LHBs hit .289 against him last year, compared to .206 for RHBs.

    In Bush's first game of this season, Bush gave up 3 runs in 5 innings to Boston.
    In that game, LHBs went against Bush:
    Damon 1/3
    Nixon 1/3, 1 HR
    Ortiz 0/1, BB
    Varitek 1/2, 1 HR
    Mueller 1/2
    Bellhorn 0/2
    Total 4/13 (.308), 2 HR

    Oakland's lineup last night, featured 6 LHB against Josh Towers: Kotsay, Thomas, Chavez, Durazo, Hatteberg, Swisher.
    Eric Byrnes may play tonight, however. He's righthanded.
    Oakland is also looking to avoid being swept at home.
    The Bluejays are playing very well right now, having won four in a row.

Baseball Daily
  • MSN's Slate put up this interesting story on Friday about why pitchers generally don't throw faster than 100 mph. Thanks to the Sports Frog for the link.

  • Melvin Mora's slow start, as described by Melvin Mora:
    "I'll be honest. I won't lie to you. I feel like I'm late with the fastball and in front with the breaking pitches. I'm not in the middle," he said. "How are you going to fix it? Keep working. I need to get myself ready because nobody wants to be like that.
  • Justin Morneau still isn't feeling better. What a tough luck year he's had and it's only April.
    "Obviously, he's not improving, and we're at the same point (as the past few days),'' Gardenhire said. "This has continued a little bit more here than we expected. If it keeps on another week here, that'd be kind of tough to sit here like this.''
  • UPDATE: He passed his CT scan and MRI, and will be re-evaluated before tonight's game.

  • Nomar Garciaparra hit .433 during the spring, but he's hitting just .161 after the first week. Andruw Jones had 10 homers and a .413 average in March, but it took him 7 games to hit his first HR of the regular season. Jones is batting .280 after the first week.

  • Yes, Jorge Cantu is tied for the AL homerun lead with 3. Yes, he's a good hitter and will be the Rays second baseman all year (if healthy). No, he won't hit 40 homers. More like 25.

  • Nice little story on Scott Kazmir, from mlb.com.

  • Brian Roberts on his recent homerun streak:
    "I am just seeing the ball really well right now," Roberts said. "But c'mon, I am not trying to hit homers. I am just trying to make good contact, and I have been fortunate enough to hit some balls hard."
  • Batter's Box has an picture of why Eric Hinske is starting the season so well. He currently leads the AL in RBIs.


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