Hockey News

As mentioned a while back here, there isn't much in this present day American South that has adequately stepped in to fill the NHL void. In general, interest in ice hockey around here has fallen off considerably. And regrettably, my own personal feelings towards the sport have followed that same path.

Yet, all winter long, as viewers were persistently teased with those 5 second commercial spots for espnu, it never occurred to me that this new network would be helping me find- so soon again- an interest in ice hockey.

Now, just two hours from this moment, a game will be played in Grand Rapids, Michigan that will have a major impact on the Frozen Four. Colorado College and The University of Michigan will face off at 5pm EST in front of an undoubtedly pro-Wolverine crowd.

Both of these schools would have had a chance to play in the championship game, had they not had to face each other so soon.

In these parts where I live, hardly anyone knows about today's game. Less will actually watch it.

But I've not only prepared my day around it, I'm also checking local rinks for available pick-up times.

So this is what it's like.

UPDATE: Late Sunday, Colorado College made a great comeback, but after this weekend, the team to beat looks to be North Dakota.

NFL Draft - Pro Days (Purdue, West Virginia, Florida State, Maryland)
  • Taylor Stubblefield (5'11, 174) was not invited to the combine and he produced just average workout numbers at Purdue's March 11th pro-day. But that doesn't mean he can't be a quality pro receiver. Taylor caught 89 passes in 2004, 86 in '03, 77 in '02, and 64 in 2001. His career receiving yardage total at Purdue was 3434 and during his senior season, Stubblefield caught 16 touchdown passes. He posted a 4.79 and a 4.73 in the 40 and a 4.18 in the short shuttle, suggesting he is a little quicker than he is fast. Taylor's three cone drill time was 6.97, which is right behind Mark Clayton's time of 6.95 from the combine. Stubblefield's long shuttle was a little slow, at 11.47 and his broad jump (9'6") as well as his vertical leap (32 inches) were less than impressive. Nonetheless, I don't see any reason why Taylor can't produce numbers in the NFL like Wayne Chrebet has. Stubblefield is a great late round value pick for a short passing offense that needs a WR who can step right in and produce as a 3rd or 4th receiver.

  • Adam Jones was invited to the combine, but he chose not to work out until West Virginia's pro-day on March 11. Adam ran his 40 in 4.38 and 4.4. He registered 5 foot 9 and a half inches, 183 pounds, and jumped 38.5 inches in the vertical leap. He also made a 10 foot broad jump. These are all explosive numbers but there's been little doubt about Pacman's skills set. He's got to prove in the NFL that he's less like Phillip Buchannon and more like Charles Woodson.

  • Chris Henry also worked out at the WVU pro-day and he posted strong times. Henry is compared to another former Moutaineer, Jerry Porter, due to his ability to make big plays with a combination of size and speed. But Henry has a lot of character issues and he's pretty much all talent and no polish at this point of his football career.

  • Eric King is an interesting cornerback from Wake Forest whom I remember had some strong games against Florida State during his four year career at Wake. King was a starter in 42 of a total 46 games, including each of his final 35 games, so he's got a ton of experience. At the combine, he ran about a 4.5 in the 40, but at the March 14 pro-day, King ran a 4.41 and a 4.44 outdoors on fieldturf. He'd be a great fit for Tony Dungy in Indianapolis. King is a football player who's only downside is his size. But he can tackle and I've seen him make plenty of plays. His other times are: 4.18 short shuttle, 6.92 three-cone, 11.36 long shuttle, 38 inch vertical, and a 10'6" broad jump; all very impressive for a 5'8, 184 lbs football player. He's ranked 284th overall by espn.

  • Alex Barron saved himself for FSU's March 15 pro-day and it looks like he did just fine. The track in Tallahassee is described by Gil Brandt as "very, very fast." Barron ran a 4.86 and a 4.83 forty, and a 4.62 short shuttle. His vertical was 38 inches, but Alex is almost 6'8 already. One of the best measurables he has is his 38 and 1/4 inch arm length. Barron put up 19 reps on the bench press, which isn't a lot for a guy his size He's not Orlando Pace or Jonathan Ogden, but Barron does look like he'll end up a solid NFL left tackle; one much like another former Seminole, Walter Jones.

  • Shawne Merriman didn't run at the combine, so for this projected top 20 pick, Maryland's March 16 workout was one that was attended by 70 NFL personnel. Merriman looks more and more like a top choice 3-4 LOLB. He's a little short (6'2) to play DE, but he weighs enough (274) to control the strong side of a 3-4 defense. All of Shawne's times were impressive. He ran a 4.66 and a 4.69 forty; a 4.24 short shuttle; a 40 inch vertical leap; and a 10'1 broad jump. Merriman's player profile also notes that he is a good character guy and I don't think he makes it past #13 Houston.

2005 Fantasy Baseball Preview - Outfielders


The 27-29 year olds; age as of opening day.
Stats are 2004

Vladimir Guerrero   ANA 29 .337 124 39 126 15

Vlad's still the 4th or 5th best player overall, but since he's played at least 150 games in every season since 1998 except one (2003, 112 games), I wonder if this could be a year he misses another 50 games. He had a knee and back problem last year that obviously didn't affect his production, but it may become more of a problem as Guerrero gets older. He's still a one of a kind player, although 40-40 is no longer possible. I'd place him fifth overall, after Pujols, ARod, Beltran, and Tejada.

Carlos Beltran   NYM 27 .267 121 38 104 42

Carlos only hit .258 in his 90 NL games last year, and that is a concern for anyone that will cost you a top five pick to get. His average at Minute Maid Park was .224 so he probably just got caught up in trying to yank everything over the short parts of that ballpark. Now that he's playing half of his games on a more symetrical field, I think he'll even out that average. One interesting trend is that Beltran has alternated .300 seasons with sub-.275 seasons his entire MLB career. Carlos is one of the most efficient base stealers around. He's stolen 192 career bags and has only been caught 23 times over his entire MLB career. The Mets are historically not a big running club, but with Willie Randolph managing them this year, they are going to run, run, run. I'd personally rate him the best player overall this year, because he'll hit close enough to .300 to make another season near 40-40 worth it.

Juan Pierre   FLA 27 .326 100 3 49 45

Steals are obviously hard to find, but I don't know if it's worth using a second round pick on someone like Pierre or Crawford. One advantage of Pierre is his sturdy .300 average. This is pretty much his ceiling though. Crawford has the power potential to hit 15 HRs. There isn't much value in taking Ichrio, Crawford, or Pierre so early, but if you do, make sure you get some power at the middle infield positions.

Scott Podsednik   CHW 29 .244 85 12 39 70

70 steals. Now, I'm a strong believer in spreading your steals out across your entire team and when considering a player like Podsednik, you're basically putting a lot in one basket. Scott hit .314 in 2003 so his .244 last year will probably end up this year closer to .275. His .213 Miller Park average won't be around in 2005 to pull him down. Scott just did not hit at home last season. Either way, he's not a player I recommend unless you can get him way after the 63rd overall selection.

Carlos Lee   MIL 28 .305 103 31 99 11

When I talk about spreading your steals out across your entire team, I'm talking about adding players like Carlos Lee. He's been stellary consistent over the last two seasons and I don't see the move from AL to NL having much affect. On the downside, Lee's efforts have not gone unnoticed so he no longer is a bargain pick.

Lance Berkman   HOU 29 .316 104 30 106 9

Lance seems to be progressing well after knee surgery. As he ages, the steals will go away and the power will get back closer to 40 HRs. He just signed a long term deal and should be back in May. Berkman is a good value pick because of the injury.

J.D. Drew   LA 29 .305 118 31 93 12

Last season was the year to grab Drew. He was a late round pick who put up solid numbers across all five categories. Now that you have to pay full price to get the former Seminole, it's not really worth the risk, is it? If you think he'll stay healthy, then give it a shot. The move from Atlanta to LA shouldn't have much affect on J.D. He makes great contact and has has enough power to hit 30 HRs anywhere.

Vernon Wells   TOR 26 .272 82 23 67 9

I'm slipping Vernon in here because he has enough MLB experience and is coming off a disappointing 2004 to warrant addition. There's a ton of value in Vernon this season because this was a guy who was being drafted in the third round last year. People are taking him 97th overall and you have as much of a chance of getting the same numbers from Wells as you do from Drew or Lee. Next season is Wells' money year, but 2005 will prove to be cheapest value you can get him at.

Andruw Jones   ATL 27 .261 85 29 91 6

This is it. No really, this is the year Andruw does it. Okay, not really. Jones is a lifetime .268 hitter who's only hit above .277 for an entire year once. He hasn't stolen enough bases in the last three seasons to make much of a difference and the best he seems to be able to do is 35 HRs and 110 RBIs. There's really nothing here to get excited about. Someone will surely take him before they take other players on this list who are more deserving of a mid round pick. Someone more deserving like...

Aaron Rowand   CHW 27 .310 94 24 69 17

...this guy. After the all-star break, Aaron hit .319 15 HRs, 48 RBIs, and 8 SBs. His numbers before the break weren't too bad either, but what we basically have here is a player about to have a huge season. Of course, there's the chance that he may pull an '04 Morgen Ensberg on us, but that's what this whole search is all about. Risk versus reward. Getting players undervalued is always better than paying regular price or more. There are always surprises, and there are always disappointments. If I could, I'd trade every pick from the 2nd round to the 7th for everyone's 8th and 9th round picks.

Torii Hunter   MIN 29 .271 79 23 81 21

I'm lukewarm about Torri only because he's not easy to trust. Some years, he steals bases. Some years not. Some years, he hits .290. Some years, he hits .250. At least his power numbers and run production stay consistent. Nonetheless, there are a ton of outfielders who are more reliable.

Jose Guillen   WAS 28 .294 88 27 104 5

The issues about his release from the Angels last year create doubt for some this year. Guillen's current draft rating has him at 128th, and at that spot, he is a great value. Jose's first half numbers from 2003 are about as good as you can get. And with an everyday job last year, he produced very well. Until he got fired. The Nationals need this guy's bat in the middle of their lineup and Guillen is back with his former GM from the Reds. Provided he plays in 150 games, I don't see how Jose hits less than 35 HRs and drives in less than 110 RBIs, unless of course he's a Juice Testing Victim.

Lew Ford   MIN 28 .299 89 15 72 20

Who Ford? Take advantage of his relative anonymity. But before you draft Ford, read this article. He's going to have to prove this year that he can make the necessary adjustments to his hitting. Pitchers know how to limit him, so Ford has to change. His 2005 success depends on it. If he hits, he'll steal bases too. So to spend a 150-170 overall pick on Lew is not such a bad gamble. Do what the Twins will do to him. Take Ford as a backup outfielder and see if he produces.

RIchard Hildago   TEX 29 .239 67 25 82 4

Hildago is back in Texas, and he's back in a hitter friendly park. If it means anything, in 26 career at bats in Arlington, Richard has 13 hits, including 5 doubles and 1 homerun. He's going to mash in Texas. 35 HRs is what I predict. I prefer OFs who run a little more, but Hildago is a good pick up for the power numbers alone.

Pat Burrell   PHI 28 .257 66 24 84 2

Don't write Burrell off yet. Like last year's J.D. Drew, Burrell may finally be in the right situation to bounce back. He's being ignored way too much. And just based on his first half from last year, a .275, 30 HR season is still a great pickup from a guy who you can get in the last few rounds of a draft. Save a bench spot for him.

Jacque Jones   MIN 29 .254 69 24 80 13

I don't like Jones' inconsistent average (that's a fun use of the baseball language). I don't like Jones' inconsistent run production. And I don't like that Jones was caught stealing 10 out of 23 times last year. He turns 30 in April, and I'd rather take a chance on Burrell.

Kevin Mench   Texas 27 .279 69 26 71 0

Kevin has injury concerns, but he also had a great second half to last season and is a true sleeper coming into 2005. He's a power guy who will drive in 15 more runs than he will score, but there is room for Mench on fantasy teams that play 4 or 5 OFs. Other than the durability issues, Mench looks like a real good bargain at his current rating of 212.

Eric Byrnes   OAK 29 .283 91 20 73 17

If Byrnes does stay with the A's, this could be another good year for him. He'd steal more bases if he hit higher in the order, but I like that Eric is projected to hit 5th because it'll help round out his numbers. Byrnes offers reall good 20-20 value as a 4th or 5th outfielder. His average may suffer a little this year, but I think he can hit around .275.

Mark Kotsay   OAK 29 .314 78 15 63 8

Eric Byrnes will hit in the middle of the order because the A's will most likely bat Kotsay and his baggy pants at leadoff. Mark's a good bet to go 15-15 with 100 runs and a.305 average.

Endy Chavez   WAS 27 .277 65 5 34 32

Endy is a young 27, his birthday was in February. But he could win the Nationals' center field job and bat lead-off. Endy has played on and off the last two years without much job security. A quick start for him could turn into a 40 steal season. A bad start for him could leave him the odd man out in Washington.

Jason Lane   HOU 28 .272 21 4 19 1

Berkman's injury may just open up the much needed spot for Jason Lane. He's one of those weird guys who bats right but throws left. What were his parents thinking? Regardless, Lane gets a break because he'll get an opening day spot. By the time Berkman is ready to come back, I expect Jason will have played himself into the regular starting lineup. Lane's game is power, and he could easily put 30 HRs on the board this year. At the age of 28, he's one of those guys who could seemingly come from no where and be one of the free agent pick ups of the year.

A couple of other guys of note: Jason Bay looks like he ready for a disappointing season. Magglio Ordonez comes in way undervalued because of his knees and he may be worth a late pick. Just don't expect him to steal bases ever again. By this time last year, it may be too late to get Corey Patterson with a middle round pick. Same goes for Adam Dunn. And keep your eye on two youngsters, Jeremy Reed in Seattle, and Matt Holliday in Colorado. Both of those guys will end up on someone's team.

2005 Fantasy Baseball Preview - Short Stops


The 27-29 year olds; age as of opening day.
Stats are 2004

Miguel Tejada   BAL 28 .311 107 34 150 4

Miguel, a career .276 hitter, put up a .311 mark last year to set himself a career high. His 2004 splits are so frighteningly consistent and Tejada turns just 29 in May. He's the top SS for this year, and he's a good pick at his his current value (9th). But the short stop position is no longer the weakest spot in fantasy baseball, so it's important to look at what else is out there. Nonetheless, Tejada is deserving of his late first, early second round status.

Michael Young   TEX 28 .313 114 22 99 12

As 2B/SS eligible, Michael Young was much more valuable last year than he is this. He's the 4th rated short stop and I think that's too high considering he 2004 numbers are close to, if not exactly what his offensive ceiling is. Young makes a great fantasy 2B, but as a short stop who you'd need to take in the 50s-60s, he's overvalued.

Edgar Renteria   BOS 29 .287 84 10 72 17

Last year was one of those years where it's smart to stay away from a 28 year old when he's coming off of career best numbers. Like I anticipate Michael Young doing this year, Renteria ended up having a solid 2004, but because he underproduced according to his draft value, he was labeled a bust. So this year, I'd take advantage of his 'over-rated' reputation because Renteria is still a very good hitter who, even though he's changing teams, will hit in one of MLB's best lineups. He's got the kind of swing that may lead the AL in doubles, hitting off that big green wall in Boston. Just don't mistake Renteria for what he isn't and you won't be disappointed. This is a 29 year old SS who will hit over .300, score 100 runs, and steal close to 20 bases. Anything on top of 10 HRs and 75 RBIs is extra credit.

Rafael Furcal   ATL 26 .279 103 14 59 29

Furcal sneaks in because he's been a full time major leaguer since he was 21. I like him here because this is his sixth season in the bigs and his numbers slipped a bit last year. He's due for an improvement. Over the last two seasons, Furcal has brought his BB to K rate closer and closer to 1:1 and his numbers after the break last year was 28:31. Add in to that the 21 (of 29 total) SBs Rafael had after the break and it seems like he's setting himself up for a pretty good 2005. Furcal's raw speed has always been a tease for a 40-50 SB season. This may be that season.

Jimmy Rollins   PHI 26 .289 119 14 73 30

If I put Furcal on the list then I have to put Rollins here too. Jimmy's 2004 production was very similar to Rafael's, except that Rollins' numbers were mostly career bests for him (so far). Both SSs are entering the 2005 season as 26 year olds embarking on their 6th MLB season. Rollins really turned it on after the break too, hitting .310 and 11 HRs. Also like Furcal, Rollins reigned in his BB to K ratio (57:73) last year. The difference between the two is that Furcal is being drafted a full ten players ahead of Rollins. Since both stand a pretty good chance to hit .300 and swipe 40 bags, the value pick goes to Rollins. But there just isn't much difference. Furcal's just a little better, so he'll go sooner.

Carlos Guillen   DET 29 .318 97 20 97 12

All the warning signs are there. Guillen is coming off an amazing season that ended because of injury. He's missed half of the spring, having played his first game on 20 March, and there's just no way he's going to live up to being picked one spot before Brian Giles and Lance Berkman.

Kaz Matsui   NYM 29 .272 65 7 44 14

Ichiro played his first season in MLB as a 27 year old and he stole 56 bases while hitting .350. Kaz's first year was much less spectacular, but there is room for optimism. Matsui's July featured a .336 average, .500 slugging, and .884 OPS. He spent the last 2+ months after that fighting through injuries so it's hard to tell if that July was a streak, or a sign of adjustment. Kazuo will move over to second base because he wasn't a very good shortstop in the majors. He's one of those switch hitters who probably should have just stuck to hitting righty a long time ago but it's too late now to change. His ceiling isn't that high, but if the Mets keep him in the #2 hole all year, he'll hit .300 and score 100 runs.

Angel Berroa   KC 27 .262 72 8 43 14

What did Angel do so well that earned him the 2003 ROY Award? He was a pesky spark for a surprisingly good Royals team that year but in 2004 both Kansas City and Berroa came crashing down to... well, Kansas City. Berroa turned 27 in January, so he should be mature enough to adjust, but I have concerns when a player's good year includes a 1:3 walk to strikeout rate. Speaking of, the Baseball Prospectus Empire cites that Berroa is little more than a Alex Gonzalez and I don't see anything to counter that.

Julio Lugo   TB 29 .275 83 7 75 21

Touched on with the 2B, but since then Roberto Alomar has retired and the chances that Lugo bats #2 in the DRays lineup have gone up. Julio is still a great value candidate at SS or 2B.

Jack Wilson   PIT 27 .308 82 11 59 8

I can't belive Wilson had 201 hits last year. Sure he only walked 26 times but that's just the kind of aggressive player Jack is. The double in doubles (21 to 41) and quadrouple in triples (3 to 12) from '03 to '04 shows some kind of improvement across the board and it seems likely that Wilson's 2003 season was not a fluke, but just solid improvement. Well, maybe the .308 average was a bit lucky, but by only 10-15 points or so. Playing with the Pirates means that the runs scored and runs batted in will be lower than useful, but considering Wilson will go undrafted in many leagues, he's worth a look if one of the big SS suffers an injury.

Cristian Guzman   WAS 26 .274 84 8 46 10

Guzman's career has followed the same path as Furcal and Rollins has, minus the overall success. Crisitan's run production numbers have been interestingly consistent though. It appears his floor is 80 runs and 50 rbi's and about a .270 average. I only put him on this list to be fair because of Furcal and Rollins. What happened to Guzman being a threat to steal a base? Bah.

Alex Gonzalez   FLA 28 .232 67 23 79 3

It's so hard to hit .232 over 159 games that I can't imagine Gonzalez will do it again anytime soon; if for no other reason than he'd be on the bench. Consider also that Alex finished the 2003 season hitting .203, and, well, at least he's only 28, right.

Adam Everett   HOU 28 .273 66 8 31 13

Everett was a popular pick up last year after a stong April and May, but he came back down soon after. The 27-29 crop of short stops is a little light in the depth department, but if I had to pick from Berroa, Guzman, Gonzalez, or Everett, I'd put my hopes with Adam. Still, there are other options. Like punting.

Derek Jeter turns 31 in June and offers very little value above his draft ranking. He also wears shirts in public that say 'Jeter' on them. Fantastic.

I do like Nomar Garciaparra this year to bounce back from a tough 2004. Even though he's not back in California yet, Nomar is basically playing for the chance to end his career wherever he wants. He's playing to prove that he's not the difficult, weak, and arrogant ballplayer that he apparently became the second he was traded. He should do well in Chicago. He may even end up a Cub for a little while.

Short Stop is a pretty straight forward spot this year. Draft one whenever you can.

Draft Value SS Rankings:

  1. Miguel Tejada
  2. Nomar Garciaparra
  3. Rafael Furcal
  4. Jimmy Rollins
  5. Derek Jeter
  6. Edgar Renteria
  7. Michael Young
  8. Julio Lugo
  9. Bobby Crosby
  10. Kaz Matsui
  11. Jack Wilson

Not worth their price

  1. Carlos Guillen
  2. Michael Young
  3. Orlando Cabrera


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